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Advice please - Ceramic tile painting

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by sassilia, Apr 7, 2011.

  1. Hi, can someone please advise a non-arty primary school teacher. We have found a box of plain glazed ceramic tiles and a box of new acrylic paints in our art cupboard and would like the children to decorate the tiles to brighten a pebbledashed wall at the entrance to the school. Would this work? I assume I would need to seal the tiles with a spray on clear varnish. Any advice graefully received as we're trying to use resources currently in school to save the finances!
  2. I would think the Acrylic paint for outside would be a disaster especially on a shiney tile as I would tend to use this for board/canvas work inside the school. Ceramic paint would probably be a better bet for the surface you want to use!
    I have used white shiney tiles to great effect by using the paint in the small squirty bottles that dries to a rubbery consistency (like on the Baker Ross website). We did mini beasts with YR to fabuous effect and what was good was that each child could stick their painting when dry onto the tile with no glue. But again the work was displayed in a mosaic type display inside although I have also stuck such work to windows which has been ok also.
    I also am trying to save finances and need to learn about the kiln/ old glazes in my new school which is a nightmare. Such a shame people move on without teaching others!

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