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Advice on writing a personal/ supporting statement??

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by dottysbird, Mar 20, 2005.

  1. Got some good advice on the other forum
  2. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    Thank you, Crogan! I assume that you are referring to my Blogs.

    You can go to my blogs for general application advice.

    You should go at the top of the page in Jobseekers to the BLOGS and read everything in Applying for a job. Start with How to get shortlisted. People say that it has helped them, it could help you! If it is useful,then Red-Heart it to show that you like it. Then you can read How NOT to get shortlisted, and any others that look relevant to you.

    There is also one there about references . . . Red-Heart all the blogs that you think are useful.

    These tips - especially about the executive summary - are what are helping people get interviews and jobs.

    Now go and read and Red-Heart the blogs!

    <h1>But do NOT copy anyone else's application or statement, nor lend your application to anyone.</h1>
    <h2>Your application could be passed on and one and on, and could be used by someone applying for the same job as you. Both applications will be BINNED by the Head.</h2>

  3. Saf114

    Saf114 New commenter

    JDDJ - they are the same thing - either start as you would write a letter or just write a supporting statement.

    For those asking for copies, the reason it is difficult to write a supporting statement is because you are thinking about how to match your experiences to the job spec. Someone elses supporting statement is no good without the JD and Job Spec for the job theybapplied for. The process of trawling through your relevant experience is preparation for the interview because you can bet that the interview questions will be based in the Job Spec and JD.

    If you are not getting interviews, then either your experience is not matched to the posts, or it is not coming across well. If the former, you will need to gain said experiences in your current role. If the latter, then go to Jobseekers to see how to structure a supporting statement, and through trial and error you will find out what works for you and secure a post.

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