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Advice on working walls please

Discussion in 'Primary' started by KATIELOU84, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. This sounds like a great idea. Mine never seem to turn out the way I want them. A copy of the booklet would be much appreciated! [​IMG]
  2. Hi Clare

    If you are still sending your working wall booklet out I would love a copy. Just back to teaching after 6 years at home with the children and trying to get up to date as quickly as possible.
    Thank you Julie-Anne
  3. ii'd love a copy if you are still willing!

  4. Hi there, would it be possible to get a copy of the booklet also?

    Much appreciated, thanks in advance!
  5. Hi
    I'm really curious now. Working walls (or that name anyway) don't seem to have hit NZ yet. Would love to get a copy of your booklet and find out more.
    Many thanks
  6. Hi Clare,
    Hope you don't mind but could I have a copy of your booklet on working walls. Thanks in advance.
  7. Could I aslo have a copy of your booklet too? Thank you....sally@smile1.karoo.co.uk
  8. Please could you give the same advice to me as I am about to start teaching a Y2 class and have not used working walls before.
    Many thanks
  9. Hi!
    I would also love a copy of the booklet if possible! It seems very popular. thanks very much, ruth.
  10. Hi, I would be really grateful if you could send me a booklet on working walls in literacy. I have a working wall in my classroom, but it would be great to get some other ideas. Thank you in advance.
    Email: npallaram@gmail.com
  11. I know you've had a lot of relplies but hoping I could get a copy of the working wall materials you have also.
    Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi Clare I too would be really grateful for a copy of your working wall infomation. I am a Y3 teacher too. Many thanks
  13. Please could I take advantage of that offer too????!!! Thank you
    Michelle [​IMG]
  14. Read your message about a booklet created about working walls. I am currently in Year 1 but in September I am being moved to Year 3 so working walls will be very different. I would love some advice about what to include and suggestions for interaction for the children. Any advice would be gratefully received.
  15. Hi, sorry if it's cheeky and you've had enough of sending your booklet out - but I would love to have a go at one of these - could I get a copy too?
    Thanks in advance! (paulacrabb@hotmail.co.uk)
  16. please could you send me a copy of the working wall booklet & a copy of the Lancs layout. Thankyou.
  17. I have a year 1 class and have just started our latest working wall on Wizard of Oz - laminated stills from the DVD with the children's post it descriptions will be followed by characters and descriptions. We're setting it all out along the yellow brick road to provide the 'story line' to which they will add speech and thought bubbles. The children bring in things that they've found or written at home and add them.
    One key thing to remember is to include key words in the context of sentences and not just on their own! We also try to make it cross curricular and not just English.
    Hope that helps.

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