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Advice on working walls please

Discussion in 'Primary' started by KATIELOU84, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. Would really appreciate one of those too, sounds useful. Thanks Angela
  2. Hi
    Just another request for a copy of the booklet if you don't mind? I posted a reply some time ago, but not heard anything. I have a working wall but am always on the look out for great ideas to improve it :) My email is clairefox66@yahoo.co.uk.Thanks.
  3. So sorry to add to your very long list....have only just returned to class teaching so feeling a little out of touch....was the 'display co-ordinator' prior to leaving for maternity so would love to get up to speed again. Many thanks in advance....roisin74(roisinoshea@hotmail.co.uk)
  4. I know you have been inundated by requests- could you email a booklet to me too please?
    Many thanks: liz.rice@hotmail.com
  5. Hi,
    Is there anyone who already has the booklet who could email it on please? I'm an NQT who really wants my year 1s to start using the things I put up on the walls a lot more!
    Thanks if you take the time to email me! My add is elmo_slb@hotmail.com .

  6. Hi,
    Get some pictures of your area. put them on the working wall. Then ask each child in your class to think of a question to ask about the local area where the pictures are from.

    Then the children can combine literacy with ICT by looking for the answers on the internet.

    You can then display the answers with the questions that are on the wall!
    Jean Langdon
  7. Hi Clare
    I would be very interested in having a look at your booklet and the Lancs layout if you are still willing to share

    Kind regards
  8. I would love to have a copy of your working wall information if you don't mind! My email is annashugs@aol.com
    Thanks, Anna
  9. You must be regretting offering by now looking at the number of people who've asked for the booklet. Could I add to the burden too please? smunslow72@yahoo.co.uk - maybe you could put it as a resource available to all as it's very popular!
    Thanks in anticipation
  10. Hey, just come across this topic, I would be very grateful if you could send me a copy of the booklet too! I have to create a working wall for my next teaching practice and don't know where to start! It would be a great help!

    My email add is sadia.shaban@gmail.com

    Thank you so much!
  11. Hi,
    I just found this thread. I've been wanting to set up a working wall for my Year 3 class for ages!
    If it's not too much to ask, could I have a copy of the booklet too please? My email is dayller@yahoo.co.uk

    Thank you so much! =)
  12. Hi, please could I also have a copy of your working wall document as I'm finding it hard to keep my wall looking interesting/ exciting without being to big a job every week. Thanks.
    My email is lea.dobson@hotmail.co.uk
  13. my email is debsanrob@aol.com

    i would really appreciate a copy of the booklet if you can spare the time. many thanks, debbie

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