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Advice on working walls please

Discussion in 'Primary' started by KATIELOU84, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. could someone please email me the working wall booklet? thanks

  2. Thanks all so much for the advice and the booklet on working walls I am really looking forward to giving it a try and setting one up in my classroom after the half term.
    Hope it will make a differnce.
  3. stuffedcrust

    stuffedcrust New commenter

    Thank you for the working wall resources! I've already discussed the use of these at school with my team and this will be a fantastic way to introduce it. Thanks again!
  4. Hi, clarelh - would appreciate if you could send that my way too. Been asked to research working walls!

  5. Hi I am really keen to set up a working wall and would love a copy of the booklet if you don't mind. Thanks in advance.

  6. Can I be a pain and ask for a copy of the booklet, much appreciated!
  7. Hi,

    I'm really interested in creating a 'Working Wall' in my classroom too and sharing it with my colleagues (and children!). Thanks in advance.

  8. I have been trying to set up a working wall for a while now after training, have my wall backed and lettering up...have VCOP resources for display, are these different from a working wall? in in Y1. Could i take a look at your ideas too? hpycroft@hotmail.com - maybe you could upload it to the resource bank to save you emailing as it sounds a great resource [​IMG]
  9. You all have mail[​IMG]If I missed anyone, please post again.
  10. comenius

    comenius New commenter

    Jumping on the bandwagon!! Would love a look at your booklet too if thats OK. Thanks
  11. FenellaF

    FenellaF New commenter

    Hi, I would love to have a copy too if at all possible

    many, many thanks
  12. johndeere

    johndeere New commenter

    KatieLou - what have you started here! Would also be very grateful for your leaflet if possible - thanks very much in anticipation....
  13. Clare thanks so much for the working wall booklet. Looks a fantastic resource. Can't wait to give it a go!
  14. ha ha i know what have i started here sorry Clare. It is a really good resource with lots of advice and looks like everyone is benifiting from it.
  15. Could I please jump on the bandwagon before it leaves? I really like the idea of a working wall
    Thanks in advance
  16. sounds fab- I have one but know im not making the best of it. would love a copy also

  17. I want to use mine more effectively and would love to see your ideas. Please can you also send me a copy? Thanks.

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