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Advice on working walls please

Discussion in 'Primary' started by KATIELOU84, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. Want to set up a working wall for litearcy in my year 3 classroom anybody share any good advice on layout etc.
  2. If you leave your email here, I will send you a booklet I created for a school inset on working walls in Literacy. Also have a copy of Lancs layout for working walls which is really helpful.[​IMG]
  3. stuffedcrust

    stuffedcrust New commenter

    clarelh - can I take advantage of that offer too please?! resources@jembo.me.uk Thanks in advance!
  4. I'm year one so my working wall would be very different to yours! One of the junious teachers has a fab working wall though - it has a wizard with a speech bubble saying 'This week we have been doing super maths work'. It has the I can statements transferred on to WALT on a wipe board so it can be easily changed. Then words / number things to help them.
  5. lardylegs

    lardylegs Occasional commenter

    Working walls seem to be the latest thing, don't they? How many kids actually look at them? In my school, they are for the HT and the LEA person. And yes, they always seem to have a wizard on them, saying "This week we are learning some Magical Maths words...." or "Wizard words to make your writing even more magical....."

    Some teachers seem to spend a lot of time on this, when they could be at home with a bun and The One Show.
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  6. I love ours, my class use them all the time and infact we had to extend one of them across two boards as they wanted to use so much. The children will often go up and take off post-its, add things of their own accord. It's just about training them.
    As for a format, there shouldn't really be a set one. Mine changes every piece of writing we do as the children suggest particularly things to go - good sentences, examples of success criteria etc.
  7. Flo71

    Flo71 New commenter

    Hi, if its okay I would love a copy of the booklet, I would much rather have an interactive working wall than a display.
  8. Flo71

    Flo71 New commenter

  9. Would it be possible for me to get a copy too please. Thank you it would be much appreciated!!

  10. Hi, please may I have a copy of the booklet
  11. Sorry to jump on the bandwagon but i would love a copy of the booklet.
  12. Hi Clarelh
    I think you're in for a busy time! A copy to jgsearl@aol.com would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  13. hello really sorry, could i get a copy too? I will try to be-friend you to send you my email address!
  14. You all have mail[​IMG] Hope you enjoy creating working walls which really make a difference to children's writing and are an essential part of your classroom enviroment.
  15. smee_42

    smee_42 New commenter

    Please could I jump on the bandwagon, i have a working wall but i dont like it and think it could be SO much better
  16. comenius

    comenius New commenter

    We have APE displayed on our literacy working walls usually with a picture of an ape!!
    Every piece of writing should have an APE
    A - audience e.g. myself, my friends, class 2, my dad etc
    P - purpose e.g. to describe, to entertain, to explain, to persuade, to narrate etc
    E - effects - the features particular to that genre

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