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Advice on teaching in London

Discussion in 'Primary' started by trisha02, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Hi, my name is Trisha and im currently doing a primary PGCE at the University of Birmingham. I'm really hoping to move to London over the summer and complete my NQT year there starting in Sep 2011. I'm not that familiar with London and would really appreciate any advice on which NQT pools in different boroughs would be good to apply to? Also just any advice in general as a know how competative it is to secure a primary teaching job at the moment and i'm struggling to know where to start! Many thanks.
  2. Sorry to be negative, but my overwhelming advice would be not to. I have just moved from London to Brum and finding it a million times nicer up here, even with the little niggles.
    Its not massively hard to get a job down there, as its so expensive to live (to give you an idea, I was MPS 5 and my rent was nearly 3/4 of my wages - the london weighting doesn't go far) alongside other things. I say this as I got offered quite a few jobs despite firstly not having any primary experience and being secondary trained, and later, not primary trained and not having bags of experience (obviously being a fab teacher helped here lol).
    If you're dead set on going to the smoke, the different boroughs depend on what you are looking for and what you want - and even then there are obviously a great difference in the difference schools, just like in Brum. If you google 'London Boroughs teaching' there is a website that lists all the different LAs on it (I used it a while back when I was looking around), and you can apply to all of them, they usually all have lots of glossy brochures to send out (or did when I was an NQT).
    Good luck, hope if you do go you like it :)

  3. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    I live in th east side of london
    I would say that you have huge differences in schools in the capital and many are no better, if not worse, than birmingham.
    You need to think carefully where you wish to live as it is expensive to live here.........i couldnt afford to buy a house in london. In my part a private landlord would want from 130-150 WEEK for a one bedroomed flat....and houses from 250 a week. To buy would set you back 165,000 for a one bedroomed flat and 3 bedrome houses from 230,000.
    You might find the schools get better as you move outward,,Havering, Dagenham, ,but then you dont get much london weighting!As you move inwards Waltham forest,Redbridge and Newham,
    but avoid Harringay and Hackney( although they do have good schools, as all boroughs have bad ones.)
    You might also find life lonely unless you have a good ability to make friends and.or clubs to be involved in,
    Sorry its negative but i wanted you to think before you commit.......... If you really want to see life...finish your studies,,,,,,then come to london and do some supply...it will soon make your mind up for you>
    Ps i came to london to teach 30 years agao LOL......but the kids have definitely got worse in some areas.
  4. cally1980

    cally1980 Established commenter

    London Borough of Enfield have a great NQT pool, they offer open days to give advice and to help with the application process and the support is really good. Like anywhere there will be a mixture of schools, many challenging but im sure that will be true of anywhere. I also have an NQT friend who got her position through the Harrow NQT pool and others who work in Hertfordshire schools (fringe allowance) and they are all happy in their positions.
  5. And where abouts was that? Do you still have that landord/ house details?
    We live in SE London with my boyfriend, in his room with a double bed, the room is quite small and he pays 115 per week for it!!! We are looking forward to move soon. Hope you could help us with some information.

    Thanks in advance.

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