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Advice on teaching a Spanish child to read and write English

Discussion in 'Primary' started by dancegirl, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Hi

    I have a new class member in my Y4 class who has an English Mum and a Spanish Dad. He has lived and been schooled in Spain until now and can read and write Spanish. He speaks reasonable English due to Mum and can read some CVC words in English. However he has never written in English.

    I have begun by going through his alphabet and finding out which sounds differ between Spanish and English and we have begun work to familiarise him with those.

    I am also beginning to work through the Reception high frequency word sheet, looking in particular at sight words so that he can learn these.

    I was thinking of working through letters and sounds from phase 2 onwards - I was going to use some Jolly Phonics but it seems a bit young for an 8 year old. the additional problem is that when we talk about words beginning with a sounds e.g. 'c' he struggles to come up with English words as his vocabulary is currently limited. Should I be using this as an opportunity to extend vocab?

    Advice would be welcome as to whether I am on the right lines - and also as to next steps and resources.

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