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Advice on secondary PGCE English at Exeter

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by kateyl15, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. I would try to get hold of a Norton Anthology in poetry from the library and make yourself familiar with some of the poems/poets. Also make sure you have a good knowledge of the different terminology - I.E make sure you know about sonnets, Rhyming couplets, Iambic Pentameter, Onomatopoeia and similies and metaphors.
    Also look at some class readers that are oftern used and the lesson plans - teachit is good for this and is free to register. In my experiencof e working in schools, Holes, Private Peaceful, Spiderwick Chronicles and Stone Cold are popular in most secondary schools, so try to have a read of those.
    Can I ask you how the interview was? I have one for English PGCE at Exeter in a few weeks!

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