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Advice on next step please!

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by KEJREV, May 24, 2011.

  1. I am all stressed out!
    I am a teacher of 14 years and have worked for my current head for the past 10 years. 8 years ago, it became apparent that I was not 'in favour' and they attempted to place me on formal competency. After the involvement of my union, this never happened and hasn't to this date (yet!)
    However, despite dealing with it (I have stayed at the school because of its fabulous staff, children and parents), I now feel that the HT has upped the ante a bit and I would appreciate advice on where to go from here.
    The people who see me teach day in and day out tell me that I am a good teacher and they would love their children to be taught by me. I establish excellent relationships with children, parents and staff. I know I am a good teacher. I love my job. But I feel that I am constantly 2nd guessing myself and my stress levels are so high, it is afffecting my health and my family. It also affecting my teaching. It's a viciious circle!
    My concern began early this year, when a leading teacher who was working with me, had a meeting with the HT and then informed me through personal email that she was unable to work with me again. My HT explained it that her HT teacher would not allow her to work with the school anymore due to the tasks my HT had asked her to do.
    Just another point to give context, a colleague asked me to accompany her as support and as a witness when she spoke to HT regarding continuing unprofessionalism towards her. DHT advised them not to take me as the HT would 'somehow blame it on me' and 'make my life hell'.
    After an unsatisfactory lesson observation (what a surprise) I became upset during feedback with the DH and maybe said some things I should have kept close to my chest. But the DH did say that they did not have their DH hat on at that point. One point I raised is that I could not possibly get another job with the reference I woud recieve from the HT.
    Fast forward a few weeks, and I have been told by the DHT (who is now my mentor) that the HT would like me to be a 'floating teacher' in September teaching French and ICT to KS2, intervention programmes, 1:1 programmes, leadership cover etc. I do not want this and expressed that I was unhappy with this. What happens in a year's time when the money runs out?
    The DHT then read me a reference that both the DHT and the HT had written to show that it was a 'strong reference' and to let me know that I had 'options'.
    I am being observed by the HT and DHT tomorrow, a formal termly observation, and I am so stressed by it. Can I refuse to let the HT observe me as I do not think they will give me a fair assessment? (HT has said to colleagues before that they know what they are going to grade a lesson when they walk through the door)
    Sorry for the long post!! Appreciate any advice.
  2. Sorry, put this in wrong section! That's how stressed I am!
  3. It seems to me you actually did get the correct forum. Get reading about workplace bullying. As regards your observation tomorrow, even with a fair crit, most people i think would be stressed never mind a set up.
    If your fit - get there and do what you can - don't try too hard but aim to be seen to be doing your job -- that's all that anyone can reasonably expect.
    If, as your guessing, the **** deems things to be unsatisfactory, challenge them - not nescessarly straight away, further, note down all the side issue and look for patterns of behaviour which might suggest bullying. At this stage don't do anything with them. As you realise how dangerous fighting back too soon can be, be careful not to show until you are well ready that you know what is happening.
    The feedback might likely criticise. Listen, carefully to what is said and write it all down as soon as you can -- most probably believe none of it. Think about the intention and do not react the way your expected. Smiling is good.
    I would hope others might offer advice to give you some other thoughts. Most importantly, recognise that the stress is what is expected and look to ways to rationalise and reduce it. There are ideas in the Harry Billy & Tim thread posted in the last week which might offer some help.

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  4. NellyFUF

    NellyFUF Lead commenter

    Just want to offer my support and say that I do wonder how you have managed to keep your head up after all this. Sounds just awful.
    How anyone can teach under such circumstances is beyond me.
    Good luck for tomorrow and remember that the person observing you is a great big tit and probably would not be able to do anything like as good a lesson as you can. Remember that.
  5. Just like to say thanks to both posts. Your support and good wishes helped me a lot. In fact it meant that I actually went to school rather than cry off due to 'stress'!

    While I haven't been given my feedback yet, the HT called me to one side at the end of school to tell me that I had 'done well and it was very good'. So I'm hoping I've made satisfactory!

    a19pb - just wanted to say a huge, huge thanks to you. I spent a lot of last night looking at your posts (rather than planning for my lesson obs!) So much rang true and I am spreading the word! After school, I was able to explain to 2 colleagues how they had been used by 'stealth bullying' after incidents today. I agree totally with you when you say that knowlege will help to stamp this out and that when people are aware of how they are being used, they are more able to deal with it.

    I am on the case! :)
  6. Thanks for the feedback - glad it's helped you figure things out and rationalize.

    As you figure more things out, you might go through different emotions - don't be surprised if that happens. Change the things you do carefully but deliberately. You should slowly regain control and reduce the stress. Your aim should be to go to school & enjoy your time there. Share info but be careful the language you use so as not to give your bully (if that's what the situation is) any ammo against you.
  7. ianj6

    ianj6 New commenter

    Really feel for you KEJREV, unfortunately my advice may be a bit late looking at the dates (31st May), but I'd advise you to start looking for other jobs. You can stay and fight, and it sonds like you have an arguable case, but it's a only a job and not worth your healthor your family.
    You don't need to jump yet, but I'd start looking and talk to your head about looking. This will stop them from doing anything silly, (procedures, silly games to make you uncomfortable), and allow you to move a lot easier.
    It sounds like a horrible situation, and I wish you all the best.
  8. vickyrae1970

    vickyrae1970 New commenter

    i really feel for you as went through the same thing in my last post and in the end resigned due to stress . i am sure you will hear this from others - log everything no matter how small and contact your union . my thoughts are with you .

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