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Advice on moving school forward and becoming more healthy

Discussion in 'Primary' started by grussell1, Sep 24, 2016.

  1. grussell1

    grussell1 New commenter

    I am now the healthy eating co-ordinator and I am extremely excited to bring the school forward to becoming healthier learners and teachers.

    The problem is I don't even know where to start.

    Does any one have any suggestions on how to make my school 'healthy' and if anyone would like to share any ideas they might do in their school etc. warmly welcomed :)

    Currently, we have a healthy eating policy which states we are not to eat unhealthy foods in front of the children. We also cook our school dinners from scratch on the school site. Any other advice, please...
  2. Isobeleh

    Isobeleh New commenter

    Our main healthy eating initiative is that children are only allowed to have a piece of fruit or veg during break times. We also have a healthy cookery club, classes make fresh meals in Forest School and we have a food based D.T. project in some year groups.
  3. bigbev

    bigbev New commenter

  4. sunshineneeded

    sunshineneeded Star commenter

    Healthy diet (school dinners, breakfast club and snacks) is the obvious place to start, but there are lots of other areas you can look at.
    Possible suggestions:
    - children allowed water bottles at their tables in class
    - focus on walking to school, or cycling if possible
    - playground equipment to encourage exercise - hula hoops, skipping ropes. You could try a 'skipping day' with a company to come in and do an assembly, then work with every class to generate enthusiasm
    - after school sports clubs. KS2 girls really enjoyed Zumba!

    I'm sure there will be others along with more ideas. Good luck!
  5. grussell1

    grussell1 New commenter

    What about hosting a dress-up day, where children have to come in to school (and adults obviously) dressed as a vegetable or fruit! Or if they haven't got any costumes they could just wear vibrant colours? It would be a great idea to raise awareness of healthy foods in the school.
  6. grussell1

    grussell1 New commenter

    OK, I am using this as a note-pad now.

    Things to do:
    Ask children their favourite fruit, and see if we can get that delivered. Average five (the pears that are delivered are bland and look ugly).
    Carrots are not well liked.
    Fruit that we could look into: oranges, apples (that are not soggy and squishy), sugar snaps peas, bananas, plum, tomatoes.
    Tasting sessions for irregular fruits, uncommon fruit.
    Updates areas of policy that need updating.
    Bolder posters on doors and eye-catching displays
    *Fun* and memorable Assembly on healthy eating and eatwell plate.
    Teachers feel free to take a fruit or veg and milk and eat in front of children to advocate, there's plenty left over.
    If there is any fruit veg left over at end of day adults welcome to take home to cook with (do not throw away, bug bear bug bear bug bear).
  7. grussell1

    grussell1 New commenter

    E-mail Jamie Oliver asking for advice, don't even know if he is going to respond. Whatever
  8. squashball

    squashball Occasional commenter

    he wont

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