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Advice on maternity cover contract smallprint

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by cliveceltic, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. Anyone on maternity leave is also required to give notice of when they intend to return and if you haven't been told prior to the 31st dec date on your contract they can't really make you stay longer if you were to find work for January. You would be expected to be there until December as you are now out if the notice period to get a job for September. You need to speak to the school if you are looking for September jobs and see if they have any incline of an earlier return. In't first ever job was maternity from sep til Easter and I did have to pester nearer the time and did let them know that unless my contract was extended then I I would be looking and applying for the summer term. Turned out my post holder was then signed off sick to the summer and I was given a new contract til 31st August then I was actually made permanent due to other staff leaving and parents of my class recommending I was kept on! Hope someone can give you at more definite answer though.
  2. Clive thanks for your response - nice to hear from someone who has been in a similar situation. Really helps, thanks.
  3. To be honest stuart I'm desperate to leave the school (for reasons I shant go into here!) but wanted to finish up the academic year with my class and have the opportunity to walk away after the end of this term and not have to go back in September.
    However as it stands it looks like I'm stuck there for the forseeable, as I can't afford to go without being paid over the summer holidays and sadly don't have an alternative position secured elsewhere.
    I'm also more than aware of the machinations of maternity leave, and the advanced mathematics behind mothers getting the most out of it - who can blame them?
    But agreed, it is a bloody nightmare for those of us on the other side.
    But beggars can't be choosers, although I would be hesitant to apply for another maternity cover post - the only reason I took on this one was because I was already in the school through longterm supply and was approached to do it. Big mistake!

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