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Advice on KS3 Viva Spanish please!

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by CarolineWilliams79, Jun 9, 2016.

  1. CarolineWilliams79

    CarolineWilliams79 New commenter

    Dear all

    I'm thinking about introducing Viva for KS3 Spanish in September. We are a small school with only 2 40 minute lessons a week in Y7 and 3 in Y8-9. We are currently using Listos (which I can't wait to get rid of!) but there are only two books over KS3, which is doable. I like the Viva books but there are three books and I'm worried about not getting through it all and there being gaps before starting the Viva GCSE book in Y10. Viva 3 seems to have quite a lot of repetition though...any advice would be very gratefully received!

    Many thanks :)
  2. sympa

    sympa New commenter

    Yes. I'm looking at Viva too. We are just looking at exam boards to go with, resources to buy. I don't like Zoom, I've worked with it, I found it a messy book, no real structure and to me seems to presume the pupil has a lot of prior knowledge. Our pupils are not 'academic' really either and I found that it was very poorly suited to less able pupils. I like the idea of a differentiated version in year 9. I think there was some revision chapters in the Viva GCSE book. I was thinking of using the GCSE book over 3 years, and making more of the revision sections to ensure we had everything covered if anything was missed. Not going to have enough for books and online though, so just going for active teach of whatever we take. Keen to know what you decide.x
  3. bearsarah2000

    bearsarah2000 New commenter

    We have recently introduced Spanish and have used viva 1and 2 with years 7 and 8. Just about to start using viva 3 with year 9. I absolutely love it and the students have been really engaged so far. I haven't looked at GCSE version yet so can't help with that sorry but just wanted to let you know we've had a really positive experience so far
  4. skiermeetsboarder

    skiermeetsboarder New commenter

    Great to read the positive reviews regarding VIVA. I will be investing in VIVA 3 for y9 Spanish, so they can continue with VIVA for GCSE. We also use Mira Express in Year 7, which we find much better than Zoom or Listos. The fact that VIVA is also differentiated will help us a lot and I cannot wait to invest in the online subscription too
  5. jecarvlin

    jecarvlin New commenter

    Hi all

    would love to hear from you all about how you have got on with Viva - just now looking at new resources to introduce Spanish into our school in Year 7. What did/do you think of this book / the active learn / assessment pack / support etc?
    Many thanks!
  6. hen10

    hen10 New commenter

  7. hen10

    hen10 New commenter


    Interesting to read your experience of Viva. I wonder if you are all stilll enjoying using it?

    I'm setting up Y8 Spanish at 4 x hours a week. I'm in touch with a local rep and have copies of Mira Express 1, which is successfully used with our Y8 German students, and Viva 1.

    Does anyone favour one over the other? Viva is obviously more up to date. Also are the Viva assessments easy to use? I want to maximise uptake at GCSE.

    Thank you.
  8. aprod

    aprod New commenter

    I have been using Viva 1 for year 7 and Viva 2 for year 8 and always worked perfectly. We started using Viva GCSE with year 9 (combining Foundation and Higher parts) and they responded quite well.
    Hope this helps.
    The assessments work very well in my opinion since they can always be marked following the new GCSE mark schemes :)
  9. hen10

    hen10 New commenter

    Thanks good to hear, thanks. There seems to be much more reading material in Viva. The books are being updated in Spring 2019 so I may invest then. Could just do with a set of second hand Mira Express to keep me going!

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