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Advice on how to kick off the GCSE course with my new year 10 class with a double lesson of 100 mins (I'm an NQT)

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by bpriestley1, Aug 18, 2011.

  1. I've finally discovered how indecisive I am when I've come to plan anything remotely concrete for my classes in September. I practically have carte blanche on how to go about it but am so worried about getting it wrong that I can't seem to make any decisions on how to kick off...
    Can anyone help / empathise / find me a tin of "decisiveness"?!

  2. Random175

    Random175 New commenter

    I know how you feel. This time I don't know any of my groups and they have been forced to take a language because of the E-bacc. I know they are pretty much on board but I thought I would start with a dose of winning hearts and minds, a very brief overview of the GCSE and expectations, and then a reasonably easy revision activity involving 'pair work/group work' aswell as a bit of admin with books. Typically I stand in front of groups sometimes for the first time and change everything so it feels right.
  3. mpc


    Don't worry - you can't possibly get it wrong!
    Personally, I'm going to start with an intro to the GCSE presentation of some kind and then test they've been listening by doing a Millionaire type quiz. They can then re-write the information in a format they understand.
    After that I may well issue a list of key terms with examples and perhaps do a game based on that (putting things into categories. I'm thinking past tense verbs, future verbs, opinions, subordinate clauses, reasons etc.
    All will be well!!
    mpc :)

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