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Advice on getting into FE teaching

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by gltownley, Sep 4, 2020.

  1. gltownley

    gltownley New commenter

    Hi all
    I’m after a bit of advice on getting into FE teaching, please.
    I’m currently a primary teacher and have been for 13 years, but I really want to get into either post-16 or adult education. I have a first degree and masters in history and a PGCE.
    I’d be interested in teaching A-Level history, so I’m keeping an eye out for jobs at the local 6th forms, but the advice I’m after is about perhaps getting into teaching on an Access to HE course.
    I really like the idea of teaching a bit of history, English & politics - is that how it works, one lecturer covering different subjects, or do colleges use different part time/ hourly paid lecturers to teach different subjects?
    The second question is what sort of qualifications do they usually look for?
    And finally (!) where are Access to HE jobs usually advertised - I’ve looked all over the net but can’t seem to find any.
    I appreciate that colleges all probably have different ways of working, but if any of you have any nuggets of wisdom or experience that you would like to share, it would be greatly appreciated. I did send out a few emails to the local colleges that have access courses, but no one’s got back to me (it was during lockdown, so I might send them again).
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Chesters8

    Chesters8 New commenter

    I moved from secondary to FE a couple of years ago. I just saw a job advertised and got it but this was in a more shortage subject (maths).

    Most FE jobs are just advertised on college websites directly. Currently very many FE colleges are in difficult financial situations and recruitment is at the absolute minimum. Roles like teaching Access to HE are always scarce and highly sought after (there are many advantages to teaching motivated adults). Often staff will teach on the Access course and do A levels. History jobs do not come up that often and in an application you would need to be convincing about why you would be the best candidate coming from primary and not having experience of preparing learners for public exams.

    There are often FE jobs in English though, mainly teaching GCSE resit classes and you would be qualified to do this. You could use that as a way into FE first.

    If sending a speculative email; it is only worthwhile if they are are sent to the appropriate person directly so maybe contact local colleges and find out who the course team leaders are for Access and A levels.
  3. gltownley

    gltownley New commenter

    Thanks very much for this. It pretty much confirms what I thought.
    I hadn’t considered doing GCSE resits as a way into the sector, so will look into it.
    The emails I sent were specifically about Access, but a lot of the colleges around here have the option to join their talent pool by sending a cover letter and CV, so I might try that this time and see what happens.
    Thanks, again!
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