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advice on finding a private tuition agency please

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by stevencarrwork, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. There are other agencies,but I like http://www.firsttutors.co.uk/
  2. DonutBoy99

    DonutBoy99 New commenter

    Ditto first tutors.
    I've also used personal tutors in the past, but no longer- but you get a lot a time-waster enquiries from them- both from people way too far away to realistically travel week in, week out, and also from people who I guess are expecting to be charged at the lower end of the range that personal tutors quote. Like I'm going to work for £13 an hour after the agency takes its cut, right....
    If you are just starting out, it may be worth using a few agencies to kick-start your operation, but don't forget to work for as close to the going rate as you can. It's hard to increase prices later, and more quality students, at least, will realise that if they pay peanuts you usually get monkeys.



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