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Advice on 'dropping' subjects?

Discussion in 'Scotland - curriculum' started by papoosue, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. Can anyone offer me any advice? My daughter has just gone into S3 before the holidays and has chosen her 8 subjects. Despite me attending every meeting about the new CfE etc, I am still confused about how the 'dropping' of subjects works. My daughter's school will drop from 8 subjects to 6 - am I right in thinking they drop in S4, or is it S5? - or does it depend on the school? My other question (to which I've never had a satisfactory answer yet) is why do they have to drop 2 subjects? What happens if you want to take 8 subjects, or 7 subjects? Have you just done two years 'in-depth' studying for nothing?
    Any clarification would be really helpful. I'm not stupid (well I hope not, I'm about to do the PGDE Primary!) and I'm not uninterested. At the time of all the CfE meetings at school, I thought I had all the answers to all my questions - until I began to think about it properly and what it all means for those in S3. I will get in touch with the school when they go back, but to be perfectly honest, the dealings I've had so far have been very unsatisfying, and I thought perhaps someone on here could advise.
    Now I just have to deal with the fact that my daughter feels she should have taken a subject she hasn't taken, and of course wants to get rid of a different subject that she did take and wishes she hadn't!! Aaaaargghhhhhh!
  2. Hi
    Each school will have its own system but at my school currently - and it is likely to change I think - pupils choose 8 subjects to take into S3 - these will be National 4 or 5 courses (usually) and they will generally be presented for qualification at end of S4.
    They then choose 5 subjects to take in S5 at the next appropriate level e.g. Nat 5/ Higher.
    I guess the idea behind the narrowing of subjects isn't a matter of dropping subjects but rather than specialising in specific subjects and studying these subjects in greater depth.
    With regard to your daughter's change of mind I would suggest that she goes to see her guidance teacher when she gets back - I would assume that most schools will allow a little time at the beginning of term for pupils to change some of their options.
    Hope that helps until you can speak to school
  3. Thank you loobylou, for the advice. What concerns me is what happens to the subjects that they 'drop' if they really want to do them? Would they have to pick them up again in 6th year, assuming the pupils will be too busy with Highers to pick them up again in S5?
    I will definitely talk to the school when they go back and my idea was to let my daughter get a week in at least and see how she feels re her subjects - after all, it's not unlikely she may change her mind again! :)

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