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Advice on DET course, QTLS, and being a SEN teacher

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Apurple88, Aug 17, 2015.

  1. Apurple88

    Apurple88 New commenter

    Hello. I currently work within a special needs school as a TA, unqualified teacher, and HLTA. I have a degree in Deaf Studies Special Needs and Inclusion Studies. I have NVQs level 2 and 3 in childcare, as well as GCSE's A-C in maths, english, science, and A Levels in English Drama and PE

    I have failed the QTS Numeracy skills test and im unable to re apply for two years, therefore ive been looking into other ways as to how to become a teacher.

    I want to continue working within special needs, however im not too fussed of what age group anymore. Ideally i would like to do early years or primary, however the school in wchih i work at caters from 2-18 years.

    I found online that if you had completed a teacher training qualification at level 5, then you could then go onto gain QTLS, by becoming a member of SET (Society for Education and Training)

    Eventually i want to be an inclusion manager or a SENCO, as im one of "those ones" who want to make a difference, and is extremely passionate with regards to SEN and inclusion.

    So my question is, am i on the right track? Is what ive written correct? If i do the DET course do i have to be working with children over 16? which courses are the best? why are some online and cheaper, and take less time to complete, compared to those at a university?

    i don't expect all my questions to be answered, but any advice and guidance that can help guide, and support my long winding road to reach my dream job would be most appreciated.

    Thank you for reading


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