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Advice on a job - long term supply!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by white_775, May 25, 2011.

  1. Well, I am classed as being employed by the recruitment agency I work for, it is not the LA. Hence why I can't understand this as they must be charging the school a hell of a lot instead of employing me on a tempory contract.
    As for the Year 5 job, I have since found out that they have given it to an AHD Senco, hence me covering his/her operation and then moving to year 4 to cover the maternity. So they aren't actually advertising for either job.
    Is it unprofessional to just take the job and still continue to apply for others and see if I get anything offered through the LA Pool? I don't want to turn it down and then have to do another year of supply, having been handed a job on a plate.
    Really not too comfortable with starting my NQT year in Year 5 and then having to move down to Year 4 in October/November!
  2. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    Firstly , I t is unfair that on supply you cant do your induction year, but it is the nature of the game,You will at least be gaining 'good' experience you can quote on CV. Besides which you can always look for a job while you are employed.....and if you find it withouth introduction by the supply agency then you can be employed by that school without any hassle..Working for the agency the school would have to pay them a finders fee if they released you from contract....or you have to work for the agency for a period of time(often 2 terms in total) before they release you without a fee.
    Secondly ,If you know its going to be hard you do have the opportunity to walk away.......I was recently in full time supply and I had to do all that the class teacher did....including planning , parent meetings etc .You just have to get on with it and count it down to experience and its a big learning curve when suddenly you have to do all the other bits that teachers do.
    Take it as a compliment that they wish to retain you , but try to balance up the life.rememeber to get your planning in gear and work with your partner class and see if in the summer you can get the lessons roughed out to save time.Find the resouces, familiarise yourself with the routines and make sure your assessment is up to date and you have the assessments handed to you. Remember you will also have to me monitered by the head like any other teacher.
    Its not unprofessional to apply for other jobs,after all your only supply, not on a contract.The school will survive if you leave and its their fault for not snapping you up if they think you are that good.
    Moving to another class is hard...it means all your relationships with the children are affected.However, make sure they know you are there for them and your standing in for their 'real ' teacher. they might accept this better, just as the yr 4 will if they know miss is going off to have a baby and your 'minding them' till miss comes back....if ever.
    the great shame is you dont get holiday pay or sickness benifit or indeed pensions.....my time used to finish at 4.30/but i was often working til 6!......
    In the end you have ti sit down and weigh up the good and bad points......you wil be employed during the lean times of oct-feb, money will come in constantly , you wil establish a routine, be part of th team and learn lots of skills to help your be a better teacher( and a few heartaches) and you can also leave as and when you want.....verses.....the problems i mentioned above plus insecurity( you can be told to walk at any time) and of course possibly ofsted and other thingssuch as tears, frustrations and sheer tiredness for all the effort..
    Best of luck....if you need any more try asking on the supply forum.often they have all been this way before...I have several times and im stil alive a nd wiser!

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