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Advice!! Numeracy Lesson Observation..

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by charlie4, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. I am having an observation on Monday in a year 4 class mixed ability and can do anything for aproxm1hr. My plan is to do negative numbers, which is in my resources as I couldnt attach to message. Will you give me some feedback? I want it to be excellent to ipress you see. The MA activity is a worksheet and the game is off nrich. I havent got a plenary yet, and am not sure if it is good enough? Thanks!
  2. Post it up, nobody will say whether the plan is good or your ability to deliver outstanding learning is possible
    What do you plan to do with negative numbers for year four mixed ability and in an enriching manner?
    From memory at this general age (and I appreciate the idea of level Vs age) the kids are expected (based on outcomes on the NC) to be able to simply count back into the negative integers and put them in ascending order?
    What will you do with negative numbers? I would expect most kids not to be beyond level 4 tops in year 4 and could be lower if mixed? (unless its a school with high achievers...very high)
    Ordering negative numbers starts at level 5 and recognising (with no real maniuplation) is level 3-4 from memory
    Where is the Nrich thing taking them? Will it enhance learning or promote more of a challenge?
    Outstanding lessons are ones that ensure progress, are suitable for learners and are inclusive. It doesnt have to sing, or do the foxtrot, it just has to be an outstanding display of moving pupils on.
    Post up what you have done, Im not suggesting it would be good or bad as the content, pace, challenege, suitability and your ability to teach will determine its success.
  3. i did very well and got the job. However.. I am very nervous about Parent evening coming up and would appreciate any advice on some excellent tips?!

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