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Advice needed!!!!

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by Iamstillstanding, Jul 23, 2011.

  1. Iamstillstanding

    Iamstillstanding New commenter

    Since returning from maternity leave my new head (started whilst on leave) and some colleagues have not exactly made me feel welcomed back. I organised some keeping in touch days so that i could get to know my class, the routines they were used to etc etc. This was the start of the trouble ..... My cover was well liked my the head and staff and i was made to sit outside my class working with small groups of children. I was told that i could not go in class because my covering teacher was upset about losing her job and would feel intiimtimidated by me. On returning TAs have underminded me in front of the children and generally been very unsupported.. My line manger had this brought to her attention my other staff. And ameeting was held. Things improved or so i thought ...I was ***!!! Via my line manager from the head the day after we broke up. We are having building work done which involved several classes packing up and moving everything out of classes. This was planned to happen during INSET (the day after we broke up). I was told off on this INSET day at 10 am beacuse my class was not packed up and everyone elses was . Is this fair ??? Should my line manager not have stuck up for me??
  2. Crowbob

    Crowbob Senior commenter

    It was not unreasonable of your Head to spare the feelings of the person covering you.
    The TA issue was dealt with.
    I don't really understand the second half of your post after "things improved".
    You were asked to do something by your Head and you are annoyed for being pulled up for not doing it?
    Your line manager is not there as your representative. Whilst there are benefits to them sticking up for you, this does not alter the fact that they are your line manager and not your apologist.
  3. Iamstillstanding

    Iamstillstanding New commenter

    So you are saying that if staff are suppose to pack up their class lets say for arguements sake the given day is today .... It's ok to be cross 1 hour into the start of that day because it's not finished???
  4. Crowbob

    Crowbob Senior commenter

    I don't know what the expectations were, but it seems a little odd that everybody else managed to do it by then. To be fair, I wasn't sure of what situation were describing as the latter half of your thread was not as clear and coherent as it could have been.
  5. Iamstillstanding

    Iamstillstanding New commenter

    Sorry about that ... I'm typing on my phone!! Thanks for the comments maybe I'm being too sensitive?? I guess i should have packed up everything on the last day and left my year 1s with nothing to play with??
  6. From what I can make out from your postings, your HT and line manager have handled situations very appropriately.
    As for the clearing up session, it can be fun and be a positive learning experience in teamwork for Year 1. They would enjoy putting things away and moving them to their new classroom. Make it a game!
    I think you're feeling a bit raw about the whole situation. It might be
    best if you take time out now, refresh yourself and go back with a
    positive attitude.

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