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Advice needed very distressed teacher

Discussion in 'Primary' started by KATIELOU84, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    Really need some advice. Get good results from my children and a few months ago my school had ofsted and received two good lesson. At the moment I feel like as a teacher i can do nothing right. All my lesson observations have been satisfactory or better but had a very difficult conversation with the head a few weeks ago and he has started a mentoring scheme with me (his idea is to tell me what he thinks this will turn me into a consisently good to outstanding teacher.) This however has really knocked my confidence as I am the only one in the school on this scheme and just had a lesson observation and I received a satisfactory grade with some inadequates. I have never been classed as an inadequate teacher before and feel like I have addressed some of his concerns and now he has given me more to address. I have taken one step forward and another two backwards.
    I feel like I am no longer confident in my job and I am not providing a good quality of education for my children. I constantly dread the thought of coming to work and feel like I have done nothing this year but cry.
    Is it time to get a new job or just get out of teaching altogether?
    Thanks for the help as I am very confused and can no longer cope with this situation

  2. I feel for you as I was in a similar situation a few years ago, feeling constantly under pressure. My advice would be to look for another job. You might feel like like quitting teaching now, but a different school could make a huge difference.
  3. Thanks for the advice just not sure what to do. Is it good to be in a job you hate and are starting to resent?

    Any more advice
  4. Please get in touch with your union Katie and ask for some advice from them before you do anything else - they should be able to help you see the wood for the trees. Don't make any hasty decisions without doing that.
  5. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    you really need to to get union advice before this turns in to something worse.
    if your head is doing this you need to calmlytalk to him as why if the previous inspections where good.Heads dont like things for a variety of reasons and you have o make sure your not on some reason for outing.
    Dont lose confidenc in yourself as you are that good teacher, but this system does sek to war you down.
    If you find that you cant cope then see if you can move!
  6. clear_air

    clear_air New commenter

    I would echo the other posters. It sounds like you could really do with, at the very least, a long chat with your union rep.
    And don't be afraid of looking for another job. Constant monitoring and living life under a microscope do not a happy teacher make, and as you rightly point out, why should you go to work every day with a feeling of dread, and come home every night crying?
    Not all schools are the same. Keep your eyes open for another job.
  7. Just got to the end of another bad week any other ideas.
    Have kept a record of our converstations with the head but don't want to get the union involved yet as i love my job and ideally with th job situation in my area i want to stay there and sort it out in house.
    Any ideas how i can do this????
  8. ilovesooty

    ilovesooty Star commenter

    An unwise decision, imo.
    Sorry, but ime once this situation begins it doesn't improve. Get your union involved now, and step up the search for another job.

  9. I've signed in just to reply to you. You must get union help. I know two people that this happened to. One ended up having a nervous breakdown and hasn't worked since, the other managed to hang on after having weeks off with stress. The union were able to help. It is nothing other than workplace bullying.
  10. Tell your head how you feel. He may be thinking you are great and have huge potential (the fact that you are the only one makes me think that might be the case) and not realise how little confidence you have at the moment and how his scrutiny and mentoring is demoralising you.

    Do that before you think about union! He may just be being thoughtless but with good intentions.
  12. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    I would say the same. Let him see you as fab, blow your own trumpet if need be. If he doesn't get the message then look for another job.

    Leave your school and try another before you even think about leaving teaching though.
  13. lilykitty

    lilykitty New commenter

    When I read the first part of your post my thought was "That's great - your head teacher believes you have the skills to become an outstanding teacher." I wonder why you've reacted in a negative way? Is it really so terrible to be chosen to be helped to move up to the top level of teaching? After all, your head hasn't said that he feels you are failing or doing a bad job. On the contrary, he thinks you have fantastic skills if he feels you are almost outstanding.
    It seems as though you have perceived this as a criticism. Consequently your confidence is knocked, you no longer trust your judgement, and your teaching (particularly when be observed I expect) is suffering as a result. Was this really the head teacher's intention?
    Maybe I'm missing something. Mentoring a teacher to move from good to outstanding is very different from starting capability procedures, but that's how you seem to have interpreted this.
    Don't mean to sound unsympathetic - I know how devastating it is to have your confidence knocked in this way and still stand in front of a class every day. I hope it works out for you.
  14. Was he saying my areas for development were because of Me being a failing teacher i don't know. All i know is at the end of the day i am not a failing teacher quite the opposite and if i do start to feel as i did on Monday then my lack of confidence will come back to haunt me and i will start to become a failing teacher.
    Yes i may have overeacted due to a very difficult conversation and have probably let it change the Way i teach my children.
    I have now got to pick myself up and do what i know i do best and that is to teach my class whether i am being observed or not (Or at least try to).
  15. Is there anyone on SLT you could trust enough to talk to and confide how this experience is making you feel? You could also ask them if you are being mentored in this way as a means of monitoring (as a cause for concern, which would ring some alarm bells) or as a means of assisting your journey from good to outstanding (which you could then take as a compliment and concentrate on making it a positive experience).
    Without giving unnecessary details on here, what is the general view of your head by other teachers? Is this the only head you have worked for? If not, how does this one compare?
    My first year as a teacher was hell - didn't feel personally targetted but others in the school were. The Head had her favourites and her whipping boys (well, girls!) and I didn't want to stick around waiting for the axe to drop on my head. Like you, I didn't want to get union involved - in fact, the Head had such an intimidating air around her, there wasn't even a union rep at the school. Decided to stick out a 2nd yr in case it was just pressures of NQT year. When 2nd yr was clearly no better, I half-heartedly looked for other jobs and came across my current job - a school I knew and cut my commute right down too. 3 and a half yrs on and I love my current place of work - management are ace and I feel safe, valued and confident enough to develop into the teacher I want to be.
    Don't let a job make you feel like this - it won't do your health, well-being or career any favours. No one will thank you for staying in a job you hate and teaching should be an enjoyable job (workload aside!). If the management in your current school are preventing that from happening for you, look for a new boss that will - their loss!
    Chin up x
  16. Thanks for the advice just keep swimming.
    I have worked at the school for 4 or 5 years now and have got lots of staff both on the smt and not who are all saying the head has told them it is a postive thing.
    Determined to go in tomorrow and try to get back to the good teacher that i know i am although i have just come down with a stinking cold.
    This is a new head that has only started in sept don't think he so much has his favourites within the school but is very good at speaking before he thinks and then often regrets what he says or the way he says it.
    Will keep you all informed how i get on tomorrow and if the positive attitude lasts.

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