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Advice needed regarding allegation made by child

Discussion in 'Primary' started by auto_loop, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. auto_loop

    auto_loop New commenter

    An allegation was made by a child against me which has today been proven to be false. What are my rights around safeguarding myself - can I say that I don't want them in my class / request an extra adult for the classroom?

    I'm having a meeting with SLT, who have been supportive, tomorrow. IveI contacted the Union but they have been extremely slow to respond.
  2. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    If it's been proven to be false, I think that's going to give you some protection in the event of it happening again.

    I think you will probably be told just to be very careful with that particular child - be extra sure that they aren't the last one out of the room, that you are not too close to them without it being very clearly in the view of others, etc. Where would the money come from for an extra adult? Moving the child to another class is only possible in some schools, but it's quite major upheaval even where it is possible - probably only justifiable if they were truly malicious in their allegation. If they were, it would probably increase whatever resentment of you caused them to do it in the first place, and you'll still see them on playground duty, etc.

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