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Advice Needed! Redundancy Looming!

Discussion in 'Welcome lounge and forum help' started by Supportstaff1, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. Supportstaff1

    Supportstaff1 New commenter

    I work in independent sector in admin. I have stumbled upon information which strongly suggests I will be facing redundancy due to support staff restructure and my role being made redundant and this will be announced near February half term.

    Obviously this was a shock and I have not discussed with anyone. The SMT do not know that I know.

    My dilemma is this: I have a job interview lined up in a week’s time. The school in question have honoured my request to wait before contacting my current school for a reference until a possible second interview, should they wish to pursue my application further. In an ideal world, I would receive the redundancy payment after 19 years of loyal service from my current school and still have the other job potentially lined up. However, if the potential new employer asks my current school for a reference, this will likely stop them going through the process as they will know I am looking at moving on. What can I do? I feel that the school I am currently at owe me for the years I have worked there and shouldn’t get away with not paying out but wouldn’t want to pass up a job offer. Advice please!
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  2. diddydave

    diddydave Lead commenter

    As you applied for the other job before finding out about potential restructuring there must be something about the new job that you felt was an improvement on the one you currently have. Far better to have a job than be made redundant and have an uncertain future. I'd carry on as though you were unaware of the potential plans, you may not get the job anyway but stand a good chance because, if the school are genuinely considering redundancy plans, you are more likely to get an absolutely glowing reference!

    Whilst you have stored up 19 years of goodwill, for which you have been paid (albeit if your school pays support staff similarly to others not handsomely), to suggest you are 'owed' is a little grasping, redundancy is a support mechanism for those who have had to be let go and is due to government under funding and not a personal attack on you by the school - as I said earlier they would be more likely to support you in your move with a better reference than you might otherwise have had.
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  3. Supportstaff1

    Supportstaff1 New commenter

    Thank you so much for this response, really helpful advice.

    Regarding being 'owed' by the school, I wouldn't want to sound greedy and money-grabbing at all, it is more that as an independent school, the SMT have long added more and more commitments without it being reflected in salary and I just felt they shouldn't get away without paying, especially as I imagine certain members of the SMT will be awarded a bonus for 'managing' this as in a similar situation in the past. Sorry to sound cynical but this is not a maintained school and there are a lot of bonuses paid to certain members of the management team. Not wanting to be naive but still....
    Your response is much appreciated and certainly made me question my attitude. Thank you.

    Would appreciate any other opinions too....
  4. diddydave

    diddydave Lead commenter

    This is a good point and I can see why you were looking to move and if your skills can earn you more elsewhere I would say go for it. I also missed the part about it being an independent school so my comment re government funding probably does not apply, sorry about that.

    I did have one member of staff in my last school who was excellent at making sure that any new commitments were matched with salary increases but they came from an industrial background where PRP was the standard.
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  5. Summerhols6

    Summerhols6 Occasional commenter

    Difficult. On the one hand you don't want to let 'them' off with your service, afterall they wouldn't care if you had no job, a mortgage to pay etc. However, if you get the chance to leave before redundancy, it is you that is deciding your future, not them.
  6. Summerhols6

    Summerhols6 Occasional commenter

    I hope you get the job I meant to add and all turns out well for you.
  7. Supportstaff1

    Supportstaff1 New commenter

    Thank you so much! Really appreciate your comments.

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