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Advice needed re writing lessons with wide range of ability

Discussion in 'Scotland - Primary' started by cmls, Mar 31, 2012.

  1. I am still looking for a solution to this after 25 years of trying! I too teach middle stages composite (p3/4/5), and think your rolling programme idea is definitely worth a try - even better if you have support from a classroom assistant in order to keep the rest of the children on task. When I have worked like this, groups have responded well and been much more focused on the lesson. One of the pitfalls I found was that I felt it took a long time to cover all the work with all the groups, but reckoned it was worth it for the quality interaction and writing produced. At the moment I too am teaching whole class lessons because I don't have a classroom assistant to supervise independent groups.
  2. Thanks cmls. I'm hoping to re-jig my timetable so I can get a decent time with each group, making sure I've got lots of worthwhile finishing tasks for the early finishers. I suppose I can only give it a go and see if I can better results,
  3. Have you looked at the Highland Literacy Project writing aspect, as this has the idea that you work with a group one week and then another the next, with lots of notes on organisation and similar stuff. Is it the writing skills or extended writing that you are having trouble with? I'm using the Big Writing right now which is good for differentiation as the children know what level they are at roughly and adapt their languag to try and be that level and most of the activities to promote this are oral so it is more fun and they don't feel they are always writing. The main problem is that my class all (just about) really like story writing and when I get the 20 pieces back to mark after the extended writing period (45 mins), there is a lot of writing and some good ideas.
    Now if only I could find the punctuation we would be bang on track! :)
    I do like the Big Writing stuff, but my main concern is that I'm not doing it right as I haven't done any training just read the books, but some of the boys who aren't big on writing have enjoyed it. One was even quite disappointed on the return trip of a basketball session that they had missed it!
    But if you want to look at the Highland Literacy stuff go to:
    Hope that helps. ^_^

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