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Advice needed re. files and getting organised

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by KarrieGem, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am an NQT who will be taking over a Year 1 class in just over a month on maternity cover. I am very nervous and the time seems to be going so fast, so I am trying to get organised as much as I can to try and stop myself getting too stressed! I am just wondering what files people keep and how you all organise paperwork etc. I would like to get files set up and that kind of thing so that I am prepared at least a little for when I start but not quite sure how to organise things, so it would be good to hear what other people do. Obviously as I am taking over from someone part way through a term I assume the teacher will already have a system for this kind of thing but just interested in how others do it.

    I am trying to make a list of things to find out too. The planning for the foundation subjects is down together with my year group partner so I'm not too worried about that. I am a bit concerned about numeracy and literacy planning though (I think I have posted about it before). In he last school I was in they stuck quick closely to schemes so it's been a while since I have planned from scratch. Also the children in the year are sorted into ability sets and I think I am going to have the higher ability for one of the subjects and the lower ability for the other (don't know yet). I've never experienced this before and have no idea where to start with planning. It doesn't seem that there is a long term plan for units to be covered in numeracy in particular, instead I was just told that I should plan for what the children need, which having previously experienced quite regimented schemes means it's quite different for me and I'm worried about covering everything and not missing anything out. Any advice about how others approach planning these subjects much appreciated.

    Also, any advice anyone has on things to do or how to prepare between now and when I take over would be greatly appreciated. I really want to do the best job I can and be on top of things as much as I can from the start,

    Thanks in advance,

    K x
  2. Reguarding NQT files, it can vary from one school to another. Some are asked I think to keep a file with lots a evidence for each core standard. In my school we are just strongly advised to have a file with samples of resources used, sitting plans, medium term plans, any admin database, samples of marked work. So basically I have one file per class with at the front sitting plan and back to it, class list with SEN/GT detail, gcse target grades for example. then master copies of each resources in chronological order. It actually is quite convenient anyway I find! You could contact the school directly to ask what are their expections concerning this.
    Then for the planning, from past experience, I'd tend to say that you cannot really plan on the long term without having met the kids. I've done that before starting my first term and I had planned a lot over the summer, for nothing in the end as everything had to be readjusted to the level and needs of the kids. We have quite detailed SOW in mu subject but everybody is doing his own thing around it depending on the class. I quite like that as you can feel more free and you can bring in easily quite a lot of creativity. Then I guess if you feel better having a rigourous SOW, that you could try and used the on from your previous school?

    I find that taking over a teacher can be hard as the kids are used to a certain routines, teaching style etc. In secondary at least, I had some kids telling me, well, we were doing it that way with mrs Y.. So I'd say be ready to be firm and know exactly what type of routines you want, what you expect of them, but remaining friendly and approachable at the same time

    Don't forget that you still have a month! Don't worry too much about this and enjoy these few weeks before you start the work!!

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