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Advice needed - pregnant and let go

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by hmckeating, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. Hello,
    I am a supply teacher who was given a terms work (verbal contract) from Jan 3rd to easter holidays in a school through a supply agency. I did not know that I was pregnant when I accepted the job but I told them on my first day.
    The post was difficult - behaviour was generally good but one TA off sick for the first 2 weeks of term and one very difficult child with possible SEN (has been assessed but no report recieved yet) who was violent to other children and staff. I was given little support with regards to this child. (head is in his last year before retirement so is "treading water: as described by one TA (who was off due to stress and anxiety due to this one child).
    I have been suffering very badly with morning sickness and have lost half a stone. As a result my doctor told me to take off 2 weeks to receover. I discussed this with my agency and they reassured me that I would always be their main person their and to take the time off to get better.
    This reassured me and I took the time off, being told that my morning sickness would get better by week 12, which it has. I am due to return on Monday and have spent the week planning lessons in preparation only to be told today that the school do not want me back and they are going to keep on the person that they have had in this week.
    I see the school's point of view, I do, but this just seems so wrong to me. I have contacted my union and am waiting to hear back from them, although I think I know the answer.
    I am a good teacher, who does supply because we move around a lot due to my husbands work. I never fail to get long term posts whereever we go and have excellent references.
    It annoys me that we can be treated like this. I really think this is it now for me. I never want to teach again (I only qualified 3 years ago). Not sure what to do now - obviously I need another job as we now have a baby on the way in 6 months!
    Sorry the post is so long - but needed a rant. I would really appreciate anyone's honest advice.
    Thank You
  2. It stinks! Unfortunately in the present climate you ( and I ) are completely disposable.
    Just been dropped myself to save a few quid.
  3. This actually makes me quite angry but unless you've got paper signed then it's only 24 hours notice.
    If the agency are worth anything they should be looking for work for you and you should be telling them this.

  4. Yes hopefully the agency will find you more work. However it is a timely reminder of the Temping supply game and schools.
    Perhaps I should not post as I am male and not a parent.
    However I was in school two years ago with a pregnant Perm staff teacher. Oh how fluffy it all was, every break time was, the sickness, the kicks later on. The days off, the supportive oohs and arrs (have to admit being male and not pregnant I was beginning to wish I was in a lads department).
    However as I joined in with the odd appropriate male response , and a bit of help in moving stuff around. My cynical supply brain was telling me, If you were on supply darling this wonderful time would not be shared as you may be dropped quicker than a hot potato.
    Really hope you get good work and it fits in with this important time in your life. And an on-line supportive thought that things go well for you. Looking for forgiveness for being so cynical!
  5. Join another agency -it's no one's business that you're pregnant and you don't need to tell the school.you can leave one day and not go back.
  6. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    The issue is not really your pregnancy, I'm afraid.
    You are a daily paid supply teacher and your contract is with the agency, not the school. The agency did not guarantee you work at the school long-term. Your contract with the agency probably mentions 24 hours notice on both sides.
    The agency undertakes to find someone for the school and the school will now be wishing to avoid another change in routine for the pupils. Had the current supply teacher proved to be unsuitable, I'm sure that they would have agreed to you returning but your replacement is obviously acceptable to them. The school, not being your employer, has no duty of care for you. Your employer, the agency, has no duty to keep you fully employed either.
    You will simply have to hope that your agency finds you more work.
    If you want the security of a contracted teacher, your should contact schools direct, offering your services for daily work or for longer-term placements. If you were ona fixed-term contract with the school/LA, you'd be entitled to sick pay and to be able to return to your post.

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