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Advice needed please...

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by x_angeleyes_x, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. Hi there,

    I would be grateful for some advice please!

    I recently joined a school as head of RE (under Humanities faculty), and was told that the status of RE needs to be raised. I took this as a positive challenge - and after a lot of bloody hard work, I think we are starting to make progress, particularly with KS3.

    However, was recently told that there was going to be a curriculum change, and that they wanted to merge yr 7 RE with Citizenship and PSHE - we will have 4 hrs a fortnight, but basically will be losing lessons as will have to incorporate other lessons from them. This was basically told to us - we didnt get a choice. For next year, the proposal is to do the same with yr 8, change yr 9 into a rotating carosel, so they have a term of RE, term of Citz etc, and the GCSE will become optional (at the moment, it is compulsary, and everyone take the GCSE - short course in yr 10 and full in yr 11). It has been tough but there have been good results.

    I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do!

    1. If the GCSE becomes an option - we have been told that we will need to deliver RE through the tutor period in the morning, which we are not too keen on - legally, do they have to have 1 hour of RE a week up till 16, or will tutor period be enough?
    2. Not liking where this could be heading in the future - I was wondering if this was a common thing people have seen across schools?

    Any advice would be much appreciated!

    Apologies for the long message!

  2. Sorry dont know why it came out as one large para - I did have separate paragraphs honestly :)
  3. fm1981

    fm1981 New commenter

    Well, our GCSE stays the same. short course. But our KS3 - R.E was taught by all humanities staff under the subject name of humanities. So i have taught alot of geography and History too, Loved it. Next year it's all collapsed. R.E will be taught seperately but instead of getting two weeks of R.E every term - it's now gonna be 25 minutes a week. not sure how it's gonna work out - but we'll see :)
  4. nigiollabhui

    nigiollabhui New commenter

    It is difficult when schools act like this towards RE but it is very common for schools to do this.You could talk with your local SACRE. You should look up the DFE Circular 1/94 for the official line on provision of RE, Also check what your local agreed syllabus states. The website below has information on it. I know RE cannot be instead of Collective Worship. Here is an Extract from the ducument.
    <u>Time for RE</u>
    39 When drawing up an agreed syllabus, a conference should assume that the head teacher and governing body will make a <u>reasonable time available</u> for the study of RE. Whilst taking into account the pressures on a school of other educational requirements, conferences should ensure the syllabus has sufficient rigour and depth. They may find it helpful to note the assumptions made in Sir Ron Dearing's final report on the National Curriculum and its assessment on the time to be allotted to RE at Key Stages 1-4. His recommendations assume that 36 hours per year will be devoted to RE at Key Stage 1, 45 per year at Key Stages 2 and 3, and around 5 per cent of total curriculum time at Key Stage 4. The SCAA draft model syllabuses also assume around 40 hours per year. "
    <font size="2" face="Arial"></font>http://www.education.gov.uk/b0065507/gttl/eyfs-and-national-curriculum/re
    Hope it helps!
    Good Luck,
    don't give in without a fight!
  5. I certainly have never heard of a school that expects RE to be done in tutor time! An assumption that RE is PSHE.
  6. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    The paragraphs do this when you are using some computers. I think its something to do with what programme you use to access the internet. Mine is Chrome and it does the same. I have to put the symbols for internet at the end of each line, so that the system reads these and makes a paragraph.

    First you put in the symbol like a backwards arrow arrow pointing forwards.

    Regarding the way your school is treating RE, I guess it is a trend which got a lot worse when RE was not included in the English Baccalaureate. And if one school sets a precedent then others will follow. It's all about reducing staff and teaching on the cheap.

    We need to fight and fight for RE to be incuded in the English Bacc. Do write about this to your MP. Make a big fuss. Get other local RE depts / the churches etc to write to the MPs and tell them what's happening, too.
  7. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    between the backwards arrow symbol and the forwards one there is a forward slash and a small p. But the symbols I had written in the above post must mean cut out everything between the two arrows as that's what it has done!!
  8. I've never been in this position so cannot speak from experience. Would it be worthwhile putting your concerns in writing to the Head and Governors explaining that Ofsted may take a dim view of this arrangement?
    What arguments have worked for other people? Has anyone managed to change the minds of SLT when they have proposed these types of changes?

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