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Advice needed please

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by will_b_trainee, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. I have been teaching for 4 years now, I would describe myself as being very organised and on top on al work specially marking. Sometimes coursework are being marked twice in a week if I see a class twice in a week. I meet all my deadlines and not afraid of working and putting the extra efforts.
    But recently in the department a lot has been changing and there are lots of thing that I am expected to do that I don't think is right.
    - dept meeting during PPD time
    - compulsory catch up after school everyweek
    - setting/running HOD detention
    - preparing scheme of work
    - HOD watching what students are doing in her office via impero software and discipline student after the lesson.
    to name a few. Is it me or is this too much from my HOD.
    I feel that she is watching me all the time and she keep on asking me to do this that and the other
    I would like to go and talk to the head or someone else, but I don't feel comfortable about it. And certainly I don't want to make is worst that it is currently. Can someone please advice and I feel uncomforatable when she is around.

  2. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    PPA/PPD time should be your own. HoD might argue that meetings come under 'planning', but they should be solely about planning. The alternative is after school.

    I'm not sure what monitoring student's screens is supposed to achieve, unless she feels you haven't got the right response to time wasters. I usually take persistent time-wasters completely off the computers for a while. If you do that she won't see any more will she?

    The rest doesn't sound excessive if it's shared between all members of the department - it's called delegation.
  3. gavcradd

    gavcradd New commenter

    I'll take these in order :
    - dept meeting during PPD time
    As a one off, or a regular thing? As a one off, I'd let it go but if it's a regular thing then you've every right to be annoyed. PPA time is for use at your discretion and you can not be directed to do anything particular in the time. However, if the dept meetings were not in your PPA time, when would they be? Mine are after school, would you prefer this?
    - compulsory catch up after school everyweek
    This seems fair enough if you've been asked about it. If you've been expected to do it and you want to kick up a fuss, check your school's directed time budget and see if you have enough time to do it. I'd not take too kindly though to a member of my department trying to avoid doing something that would help us all out.
    - setting/running HOD detention
    No problem, if it's been delegated to you by the HoD then that's part of the job.
    - preparing scheme of work
    As above, it's delegation.
    - HOD watching what students are doing in her office via impero software and discipline student after the lesson.
    What's the problem, the HoD has a responsibility for ALL students in his/her department. This may not be the best way of doing it but they are perfectly entitled to do so.
    As for watchign you all of the time, it's called monitoring! I'd certainly be monitoring any member of my department that tried to get out of doing these things!
  4. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

    I'd pretty much echo what's being said so far.
    Who is attending the catchups? Your students? Or are you supporting someone else? Is this inequitably falling on you or does it apply to all dept members?

    Out of Interest does the HOD share what she sees with impero so you can discipline the students or does she support you by taking some of the stress that having to discipline a student can cause away from you to avoid damaging your relationship with the students?
    Why aren't you picking up on the misuse of systems that HOD is spotting?

    As an aside - do you have access to Impero to help you in your lesson?

  5. tonyuk

    tonyuk Occasional commenter

    I would actually ask are you paid any responsibility points?
    Are the SOW being written by any one else in the Department or just you? What exactly is the HOD doing? I would say if its shared then okayish but SOW etc should be done by HOD after all they have overall strategic direction and are getting paid to do the job of a HOD - if you are not and the HOD is doing very little apart from disciplining kids then they are a lazy powercrazed egomaniac!
    However if you are getting paid extra than a standard teacher it is no more than I would expect from a support in my Dept!
  6. Echoing here, as a Head of Faculty. Do check the bits those above have suggested though.

    In my previous life before a HoD and just a departmental member I took and rewrote the entire Year 9 SoW and presented it to the dept for massive amendments, the next year another teacher took Year 8 and so on. I imagine if no-ones taking the initiative in your dept to improve the subject (it sounds like your HoD is having to direct the dept to intervention strategies, curriculum rewriting etc) then these changes will seem a bit out of the ordinary. I assure you if nothing else it'll be good practice if you do want to climb the career ladder....
  7. All the replies above can be summarised as "tell them all to **** right off"
  8. GMP


    Have you thought about changing schools?

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