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Advice Needed Please - Re Repaying Bursary/Grant/Loan

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Alec2005, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. Generally speaking, and I don't know whether things are different in flexi/modular courses, bursary payments already received you can keep. Your uni's finance department will know so ask them. And as for grant and loans, provided you leave at the end of term, you can keep the grant already paid out and your loans will simply be added to your other student loans and you start repaying as per the terms you agreed to (start paying back once you earn £15k a year). What happens when you leave during a term will depend on what Student Finance decides. In any case once you formally withdraw from the course your uni will notify SF and you will get a final statement from SF setting out where you stand.
  2. As stated bursaries are not repayable. In flexible courses with up front and end payments then provided you complete enough of the course to cover the upfront payment (e.g. 50% upfront then you can leave after 5)5 of the course is complete with no repayment) but if you had just started, got 50% of the bursary and left within a month or two then they would seek to recover some of the advance payment. Your admin team and course leader should be able to tell you exactly what your position is.

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