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advice needed on staff

Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by onawingandaprayer, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. Hello
    Am covering a head of department post as the current HOD is having major surgery. Am struggling with now being in charge of former colleagues who are not being very supportive and seem to be able to give 25 reasons why they don't need to do something!
    any ideas would be appreciated
  2. What are you asking them to do? And how? Don't send endless emails - this will irritate them and use the former HoDs name lets get X done by the time that Bob gets out of hospital". You will have to be direct and say "you are not being supportive, do you have a problem with me? Can you think of another way?" If you explain the problem an then let them come up with the solution they might be happier to help?
  3. I would appear very organised and clued up, and make your links with SLT clear to the rest of the staff. Make sure you are regualrly communicating with SLT and keeping them up to date on the department's progress. In your department meetings, have the tasks needed to be done on the agenda. When you address the need for things to be done record the reasons that they are giving and calmly tell them you will feedback their thoughts to SLT and seek advice as to how to proceed. You are in an acting role so it is totally acceptable for you to act as a middle man if they have problems and refer up to SLT, they may not want to be so obstructive if they know you are calmly seeking support in the upper management.
  4. thanks for advice folks, good to hear. It is all data related stuff that needs to be done and of course not always seen as priority next to marking etc. Will try some of your suggestions. thank you

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