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Advice needed - gifted 4 year old

Discussion in 'Cymru - education news' started by KJ21, Feb 10, 2013.

  1. I have a friend whose 4 year old attends a Reception class in Wales (not a welsh speaking school) and has asked my advice as her daughter is reading fluently. My friend certainly hasn't "hot housed" her daughter, she's somehow taught herself to read. I have shared books with her and she reads with expression, sounds out words, predicts/discusses plot etc

    My friend was invited to a meeting with the Reception teacher who told her that they were aware that her daughter was gifted but wanted to introduce her to Oxford Reading Tree books so she was aware of the characters. The said they would put her at Level 3 but have sent home the beginning books with no words. They also seem to be giving her the same basic phonics work as her peers. Her understanding of maths is equally advanced, she's counting in 2's to 100. Again, she hasn't been taught this.

    My friend doesn't want her daughter to be singled out or pushed before she is ready and knows how important it is for her to have the social experiences that a Reception class offers but asked me what the school is required to do in cases such as this. Do school in Wales need to have a coordinator for gifted and talented children and is there any policy/paperwork available?

    Also, what do Reception Teachers in Wales use to identify a child's level of development? I know we have Development Matters in England, is there an equivalent in Wales?

    Thanks for reading.
  2. heno

    heno New commenter

    My four year old daughter has managed to teach herself how to tell the time (I have never taught her this, she picked it up some how??). She can count to 100 in English and Welsh (never taught her this, also dad does not even speak welsh, so did not pick this up at home as we communicate through ENglish). Her teacher gave her a book written in Welsh and when I went over it with her at home I realised that she was able to sound out all of the words! Again we have not taught her this or done any reading at home before she started school at 4 years old. She can read simple reading books with one or two sentences per page in English and Welsh language. She asks me odd questions about God, life, death stuff that just seems beyond what she should be asking me. The language she even uses to speak makes me laugh such as - I fell on my buttocks today lol! Since the age of about three years old she has known her full date of birth, my birthday, her dads birthday and her older sisters birthday, she even knows her grandmothers birthday! She has been able to use a scissors to cut out from about two years old lol! She can write her full name, address, brothers name, my name and her fathers name. When she comes home from school she relaxes by sitting down and writing or colouring in, this is her idea of "relaxation!" She tells me how she plays all day in school and does no work. I am sure she does do work but I think as she sees it as so easy she does not view it as work. She picks up everything and she picks things up with ease. She is the same physically, she has been able to catch and throw a ball for what seems like years! She can do the monkey bars, she goes to gymnastics and loves the beam, she can outplay most boys (even older boys) in football. sHe is very competitive and gets upset if she does not win. So all this, do I think she is gifted? - No, I think she is bright and learning comes easy. I want her to enjoy school and not to be pushed as long as she is happy I don't really mind. mY daughter has only been in school since SEptember and its a very large school, I have not even spoken to the teacher about her work, let alone talked about gifted and talented. I have no idea if they are suppose to be doing anything about gifted and talented with such young children maybe it changes when they are five? If you have found out the answer, let me know.

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