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Advice needed for part time

Discussion in 'Primary' started by WolvesLass, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. <font size="2">Hi ladies,</font><font size="2">Long time no post but I promise I have been reading on my mobile when I've had the chance! Hope you all had a lovely christmas. </font><font size="2">Right down to it, Has anyone applied for part time at their school after they have had their little one. If so do any of you have a letter I could look at to help me do my own please. I have the standard specific union layout but it is so clinical. Have a head who is against part time so have spoke to union local rep today. His advice was to create a letter which promotes the positive of part time and how the school will get the best from me...how class shares can be a positive thing etc etc. Thing is I really dont know where to start, I'm rubbish at things like this as tend to get either a) too emotional b) argumentative c) both of the above and dont get my points across very well!</font>

  2. Hi Happy cat
    Yeah I tried posting on Pregnancy but no takers. Thanks anyway

  3. Hello
    I'm sorry that no-one has posted - I went part time in 2002 - it did take a bit of persuading in fact my head lied to me and told me I couldn't go part time when I returned from maternity leave otherwise I would have to pay back my maternity pay! She didn't pass on the info that the lea had sent and I now think that was on purpose.
    However I did get to be part time / job share and it's great - it's still very hard work and I sometimes think I do as much planning etc I just don't have to be physically there some days. I think the children really do benefit - they get 2 teachers so as one begins to flag the next one comes in. Some children get on better with me, some with my job share - our parents tell us. But we both do parent meetings - it takes twice as long to do reports etc. But part time teachers, in my experience are rarely ill, or have to take time off. In my head getting up and working 3 days a week and spending 4 days at home with my children is brilliant. Children are adaptable and especially if it is year5 or 6 - good experience for high school or secondary.
    Are you in the NUT ? They used to have a document about being part time - my request in the end went to the governors.

    hope it goes well


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