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Advice needed for my garden..

Discussion in 'Personal' started by daffodilval, May 2, 2011.

  1. Help! For the first time in god knows how many years, OH has decided to do something with the garden, so for the last 3 days, hes worked really hard and made 2 huge, wooden containers and 6 wooden, stepped terrcaces, they are lovely but neither of us have a clue what to plant in them!
    They are all in a very sunny position..
    Can anyone, please advice me what flowers to plant? Thank you
  2. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    Begonias. Everywhere.

    Oh - you wanted good advice did you?
    I'm sorry.
  3. actaully begonias would be good. Fuschias would be great. Petunias would growwell - but not if there are slugs around!
    Geraniums, pansies, any other bedding plants.
    Depends if you want them to come back next year or not.begonias, fuschias, pansies will.
  4. For this year you could buy some annuals to get an immediate display. Go to the garden centre and see what they have - things like pansies, geraniums, begonnias etc. They have so much these days that you can just shop till you drop really. Go home with all your plants and create an instant garden.
    For next year and further on, you could think about some perennials eg. roses, hostas, climbing plants like clematis. For a spring display, plant some bulbs in autumn. It's all about knowing what plants flower at different times really - the trick is to try to have something of interest all year (mid winter excepted of course, unless you go for some evergreen plants/shrubs).
    You could also buy a few gardening mags to get some ideas.
  5. This is great advice and very much appreciated, thanks and please keep em coming..[​IMG]
  6. Ophelia 9

    Ophelia 9 New commenter

    I also recommend begonias, petunias and geraniums - got some packs of 24 bedding plants for £5 in B and Q with a special offer of 3 packs at £12 - have always found their plants good value for money.
    You can also quickly get results from nasturium seeds - sprout very quickly and come in different sizes - I've put some climbing ones in to cover the fence up a bit this summer/autumn. If you go for clematis the nice purple flowered one is called Nelly Moser (I think) and clematis armandii has small white flowers late spring/early summer but has the advantage of being an evergreen - it can grow a bit vigorously at times though!
  7. why not try growing some food? I'd use one bed as a veg bed. Sow carrots/beetroot in rows and stick in some rhubarb and strawberry plants. You can also easily grow beans up canes and they make a nice centre/back focal point to a bed. My veg bed is circular, and I put the beans in the middle. it's hugely satisfying to eat what you've grown! There are some ace books on growing veg in small beds.
    I am going against the tide here, don't just go to the garden centre and buy loads of stuff, have a think first about how you want it to look. I can't remember how many beds you have, but you might want to have a different colour or theme (hot/cold colours) in each, or a general mishmash - either can be pleasing. Have a look on the gardener's world BBC page, they have loads of useful advice.
    Think about height as well as colour - if all you buy is bedding, your garden will not have the height/level variations.
    you don't have to be terribly strict in your plan, but it is a good idea to have general notion of how you want it to look. Perhaps go and have a look at some local gardens - lots are open to the public and you can nick some really lovely ideas for planting, and if they are close to you, chances are you'll be able to grow the same stuff as they do.
    Perhaps you want to have a clematis or rose growing up a fence, with wall flowers and lots of cottage garden plants in a riot of colour, or maybe you'd prefer raked gravel and a few spectacular plants with a water feature, or you might want to make a really symmetrical pattern of bedding plants (I like that but it looks too much like the parks round here, and I don't have the patience)
    look for ground cover plants too, to save on the weeding - I have this fab lime green thing - no idea of the name, but it's glorious against the snapdragons in the summer!
    I love Alyssum, and herbs (not mint, it's too rampant outside of a pot) geraniums, pelargoniums, sweet williams, peonies, dahlias, cosmos, day lilies, irises. I also really like scented plants, so grow stocks and jasmine and roses...I use cocoa shells as a mulch, spread around the plants on the bare earth, keeps in moisture and keeps weeds at bay, and when you water, the whole garden smells of chocolate [​IMG]
    At the end of summer, when you've seen how your garden grows, you can work out what was good this year, and keep it, as well as deciding what you'll change next time. Then you plant bulbs at the end of summer - glorious to look out to the garden and see the crocuses and daffs appearing - then tulips and hyacinths - spring is surely on it's way!

    Good luck, and good gardening!

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