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Advice needed for Humanities scheme of work!

Discussion in 'History' started by Selinamd, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. Selinamd

    Selinamd New commenter

    Hi! I'm working as a HLTA in a small KS3 Pupil Referral Unit and I'm currently (or at least once schools are back) teaching Humanities. I'm looking for some advice on what subjects/schemes of work students have found particularly interesting/engaging and for some advice in general. Our students often struggle to focus or refuse to work so i'm looking for ideas that vary in tasks and that might actually gauge the interest of our students. Or any advice in general would be great!

    Before schools shut I had been teaching a scheme of work on pirates - and was working towards modern-day pirating but unfortunately the schools closed before we got there.

    So if anyone has any suggestions on schemes of work/tasks/activities etc that would be great. TIA.
  2. HistoryEducator

    HistoryEducator Occasional commenter

    History of medicine could be of interest, but the resources maybe more KS4

    SEBREGIS Lead commenter

    I'm glad e was teachin' em about pirates, so I am. They are really cool. Why? Because they arrrrgh...!


    I had to deal with a few groups like this last year, and the topics they seemed to enjoy most were:

    WW1 - particularly using the Commonwealth War Graves Commission site to find possible family members,

    Actually, you might want to check out this web site: https://www.juniorgeneral.org/ I once had a very dodgy Year 9 class and used the rules here to get them to refight historical battles. Particularly Kursk.

    The story of Anne Frank - because they can put themselves in her place (and lets face it - the Coronavirus lockdown gives them some kind of reference point for it.

    The space race (they were fascinated by the idea of surviving in space, weightlessness etc.)

    How you deal with the police - rules about stop and search - my lot were fascinated by that and I learned a lot from them, too.

    Hope this helps a bit
    Selinamd and HistoryEducator like this.
  4. Selinamd

    Selinamd New commenter

    That's really helpful thank you, will have a think/a look into those topics!

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