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Advice needed - failed second placement.

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by caughtupinachaosofbooks, Jun 17, 2019.

  1. caughtupinachaosofbooks

    caughtupinachaosofbooks New commenter

    Hi everyone.

    I started off with a fantastic first placement which gave me a lot of confidence to become a teacher. I always got positive feedback for my observations, the ITE coordinator also gave me great feedback and didn't hesitate to mention that I should apply whenever there was a job available and also my department always mentioned how it would have been better if that school was my second placement. I so did not want to leave but...

    Moving on, second placement was the complete opposite, I did not like it since day one. The students/department/the atmosphere overall was different to my first placement - where my department was amazing and the students were too! The teachers were really consistent in the practice and the students were amazing! At the school I felt like an outsider since day one, especially because my mentor didn't want to mentor me, and for the lack of support that was offered (my university tutors think that they are a great mentor and think they were offering a lot of support although I had brought it up to them mid placement) .

    I have struggled a lot during second placement that it knocked my confidence completely, and I ended up having a negative frame of mind, I'd have anxiety everyday, and would want to cry every morning.

    I acknowledge that I was performing badly due to this, but I was making progress too! However it wasn't significant. I was placed on a cause for concern, then an action plan and of course I failed that! I am not upset at all about it as I have faith in myself and my tutors also have faith in me that I can be a great teacher and also glad to be out of that school.

    Although I failed placement, the tutors who observed me were really positive about the progress that I had made and they would obviously back me up when I have to attend a panel. Obviously I know training providers don't want trainees to fail and will try their best to keep them on, so I was told that I would resit placement in the next academic year as I need to work on some parts of my subject knowledge and on implementing differentiation effectively (those were the 2 out of 3 targets set).

    In regards to the advice I require I'd be grateful if anyone could share their experiences if such as thing has happened with them. My tutor has told me about the process of the panel, but still I'd like to find out more. Also, would it be worth mentioning about the problems I have been having at second placement (which include - teachers hours not being built up, mentor not wanting to mentor etc...) although, my tutor sees nothing wrong with my mentor?

    Also, I'd like to know the difference between a referred placement and deferred placement?

    Finally, could you give me any tips/advice on differentiation. I am able to plan it properly, however, I have been unable to execute it effectively.

    Thank you.
  2. observer1

    observer1 New commenter

    Deferred Placement essentially means continuing on at a later date.

    As for the Panels, i would certainly keep any evidence in a file. Especially in your second placement. That would include any lesson plans, resources and evidence marking you have done.

    Differentiation can be shown through different ways. Ensure you have some easier work so all students are doing something - With some challenging work for those students who seem to work well and need more difficult work. No need to do so much extra planning
  3. tkm81

    tkm81 New commenter

    I wonder what happened with your teaching in the end? I am in a similar position..

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