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Advice needed: best way to refresh German

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by VaniliaGirl, May 4, 2011.

  1. I have not spoken German for 15 years and would like to refresh it. I am not able to travel there due to family commitment but was wondering whether someone had experience of good books/CD to suggest with links to where I can buy them if possible. I am particularly interested to hear about Michel Thomas method. My German was university level and my written was always better than my spoken German, unfortunately.
    Thanks for your help!
  2. You could join Second Life at http://secondlife.com and visit the numerous simulations that are peopled by native speakers. The Goethe-Institut delivers free courses in Second Life: see
    And there is a wonderful simulation of 1920s Berlin, where the students adopt roles of 1920s characters and interact with one another and their teachers: see
    I often visit these simulations in order to keep my German alive, and on one occasion I was invited to play a role in a live online performance of Brecht's Baal in a simulation of a 1920s theatre.
    If this is a complete mystery to you see Section 14.2.1 of Module 1.5 at the ICT4LT site:
    See also Helen Myers' video on her experience in learning Italian in Second Life:
    At a more mundane level, look at my list of links here:
    Graham Davies
    Emeritus Professor of Computer Assisted Language Learning
  3. I'm also trying to refresh my German. I dropped it after AS level and just continued with French and Spanish but I now live in an area where German is still more commonly taught than Spanish. I've bought hte CGP GCSE revision Guide and workbook, and I'm currently working through that. I'm finding the more I do the more I remember, even not connected with that topic

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