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advice needed! 2 weeks in and unsure and anxious

Discussion in 'Australia - Staffroom' started by flowers87, Jun 22, 2018.

  1. flowers87

    flowers87 New commenter

    Hi everyone,
    I am a beginning teacher, I just started 2 weeks ago and my contract is until the end of the year, but I am already so unsure if this role is right for me. I did my teaching qualification as a post grad year after studying ecology. And I took 2 years to actually build the confidence to get a teaching job after not really enjoying my prac. And now after finally taking that big step of applying, moving, and getting a job, I am overwhelmed with the behaviour management. I have discovered that I have taken over from a teacher who just quit mid term 2 out of the blue, and I am seeing why, as the classes he had are really difficult for any teacher - let alone me in my first weeks (an experienced teacher handed me over to my year 8 science class and said its one off the worst behaved she has seen, and the yr 10 science class I will be getting I am currently team teaching with the HOD and he can only get half the class to write anything down or listen...) I just dont think I am stern enough, I dont have the high level of behaviour management skills to turn to quickly to varying situations, and I just straight up dont enjoy telling students to sit in their chair or to stop talking over and over again. I guess I was kind of naive to think that teaching would involve imparting knowledge to somewhat eager students, or at least somewhat disciplined or respectful students, or maybe these schools/classes do exist but I dont know how to find them, and I am worried that if I quit it will look bad on my resume/record, but I am getting really anxious everyday. All the other staff (who have been very kind and welcoming to me) have somehow gotten used to the behaviour management issues at the school, but I have also already seen a few in tears, and they dread some of their classes. I dont know if I am strong enough emotionally/mentally to just push through like they do. My mind is fighting between thoughts of 'you deserve to be happy and enjoy your job, so leave if it is impacting your mental/emotional health' and 'hang in there, term 3 will be a fresh start'. I also dont know what job to do if I do leave...
  2. kerrinaswords

    kerrinaswords New commenter

    Hi lovely, You will be a wonderful teacher. It is up to the principal to arrange for you to be supported. Sounds like behaviour issues are rife and if experienced teachers are finding it difficult no wonder you are. Request to observe a Head Teacher taking the problematic classes although it sounds like you are team teaching with one HOD. You are not hopeless. No one is a fantastic manager of classroom behaviour at first. The school executive should be doing everything in their power to mentor you. You do indeed need to put your mental/emotional health first. Join some Science Teacher etc FB groups, relate your problem and you'll get lots of support and ideas. Good luck brave young teacher. You can do it! PS> If someone suggests you go on a Teacher Improvement Program (TIP) refuse to. That will not end well.

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