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ADVICE NEEDED: 0.6 contract being one to one teacher to a child only!

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by jader123, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. Basically, there is a job advertised in my county for a teacher to literally work one to one with a child with severe and complex behavioural issues in Year 4 and working at P levels. The school are not too worried about developing academically, more to do with developing emotionally, socially and focus on his behavioural needs. Also, the successful candidate will also have a learning support assistant alongside them and want us to provide a play based and nurturing curriculum. I know this is quite rare and unusual, but just wondered if any one had experienced this or can offer some advice at how you would go about this and also any application advice! I have some ideas such as fun activities that are related to his personal interests, using a sand timer - do activity for x minutes then play toy or something for x minutes, being patient etc. I haven't written the application yet so any help would be fab, thanks.
  2. languageisheartosay

    languageisheartosay Occasional commenter

    Try and get to meet some similar kids if you haven't already to know if it really appeals! Y4 kids are heavy (literally) and the description covers a broad range of possible behaviours.
  3. Is that in a mainstream school as thats a serious level of support for one child?
    I would suggest you read about attachment disorder and how children need structure, firm boundaries and repitiiton to make them feel secure etc.
    So have you applied?
  4. Thank you for your replies. Yes it is mainstream school, and I have never heard of this before so that's why I wanted to ask on here. Thank you Miss 2012, I thought about structure, boundaries etc but not about attachment so will look into that. I am in the process of applying, do you think I should or shouldn't? It's difficult because I really feel like I can make a difference to this child but worried I might be under estimating how hard it will be?
  5. It will be very hard, but rewarding. If you decide to apply then ensure that your are Team-Teach trained before you start with the child and that your behaviour support assistant is also trained.

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