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Advice /help! Is there any updated information (newer than 2005!) that gives advise on Teaching guidelines for working with children with autistic spe

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by shortgal, Apr 13, 2012.

  1. Thank you for quick response. We do not have the dvd in school I will try and order the dvd off the website.
    I am taking the children on a school trip using the bus one week monday. (The child would have been in my class 10 school days with the easter holiday spliting that up) so I have very little time to prepare the child for changes of day. I'm going to use social stories, visual timetables and other pictures to support.
    Has anyone used a/lots of strategies / resources that is very useful in smooth (as it can be) day trips. I am a mainstream teacher with no consistant Teaching assistant support in the morning.
  2. It is a shame that there isn't time for you to have a visit prior to the visit your going on. As you have said you are going to use social stories etc to support. Could you perhaps make a little book of some pictures and some information about where you are going, and perhaps a schedule of what is going to be happening throughout the day? So that the child can be looking at this for a few days before you go. Sorry can't think of anything else you can do. Perhaps somebody else will come up with some more useful advice.

    Perhaps put something like you will arrive at school and there will be registration, toileting etc
    Then a picture of a coach and put leave school to go to ........... at ......... am, and so on
  3. I have already visiting the trip place so I know what will be there what we are going to do etc.
    I have just started to make a little information book with dates and times with pictures.So thats great to know you had the same idea. Just want to make sure I am doing all I can to prepare the child for the visit when Ive only got 5 school days.
    I was thinking about doing a copy and sending it home so that their parents could go thorough it with them as well. I'm trying to get postive parents involvement. Would it be a good idea if I asked their parent to come along to the trip aswell?
    Thank you for your help!
  4. It is always good to promote positive parent involvement. It might be a good idea to ask if they would like to go on the trip. Who would be looking after the child on the trip? Will he/she have a TA especially for them?
    Sending home the booklet for the parents will be a good idea as they can reiterate and talk about aspects of the trip so your little person is as well prepared as they can be [​IMG].
    If I can help in any other way at all please let me know [​IMG]


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