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Advice- full time job- part time wanted

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by clg1, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. I did exactly what you described and got the job part-time!!
    I wrote a covering letter saying something along the lines of 'happy in current job, but looking for something closer to home (had a 60 mile round trip) and roughly 0.6. Understand job is advertised full time, but if they would consider part-time I would love to work for them'.
    Sent 2 applications at roughly the same time, both to high achieving grammer schools. Got an interview at one, and got the job over 3 other candidates.
    As school budgets are being cut, it might actually fit the school better. I think jobs are rarely advertised as being part-time as most people want full time.
    You have nothing to lose. You are happy in your current full time position, so are not putting that at risk. You only want to move if you can find a part-time job so you're not limiting your chances of getting a full-time job. An honest, upfront and enthusiastic cover letter, along with a thick skin, should do the trick!
  2. I applied for a full time HoD job (despite not being at all ambitous - it was v local and a lovely school!) and altho I had an interview they appointed someone else.
    However, they rung me back a week later to say that another part time member of the dept had handed their notice in and as they liked me, would I consider three days a week? I jumped at the chance and as it turned out, by the Sept they had actually found me enough hours to work 4 days a week.
    I am now about to return to the job after mat leave and am going down to two days. You never know until you try!
  3. EBC

    EBC Occasional commenter

    Thank you for the replies. I can't see that I have anything to lose so I'll think about it. If its a school that I like the look of then I might as well try. Hmmmm...How to write the letter??? Off to think....
  4. Yes that would be the case at my school (3 lessons each morning, 2 in the afternoon).
    To work out the fraction, add up total number of teaching hours you work (all lesson, frees, ppa, but not including registration and break times) and divide by total number of lesson-time hours per week.
    eg. i teach 11 hours (2 days of 5 hours and 1 day of 1 hour) so 11/25.
    Other points for negotiation when it comes to your actual timetable - school wanted me to teach over 3 days this year, after previously agreeing to 2 days so as a compromise I teach the hours they need over 2 days and am paid to do my PPA on the 3rd day which they let me do from home.
    Good luck with the applications - I've seen a full time job advertised today that I would love to get but on a part-time basis again, so might be going down the same route again!!!!

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