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Advice from Scottish teachers needed

Discussion in 'Scotland - Primary' started by vlrobinson23, May 7, 2018.

  1. vlrobinson23

    vlrobinson23 New commenter


    I'm currently in the last term of my NQT year in a school just over the border in England. I myself am from Scotland, live in Scotland, was educated in Scotland and travel over the border to work and back every day (around a 40 minute drive). Last year I completed a PGCE in an English university which is only around 10 minutes drive from the border. The reason that I chose to do my teacher training across the border was due to the convenient distance and having a family (in particular a son with disabilities who I didn't want to be far from) and the nearest place in Scotland to do the PGDE would be around an hour and a half away. I know a couple of people who also did their training at the same place and now teach in Scotland, so I thought nothing of doing it this way. During my PGCE I was hoping to come back to Scotland to do my final placement (as the previous people who did the same course had done) However, I was told by my LA that I couldn't as they had decided that they had enough of their own students to place. I was the only student looking for a placement here, so felt a little hard done by. Never-the-less, I finished my PGCE with all my placements South of the border and looked in to coming home to do my probation.

    I had rather enjoyed my final placement at a large school in England, and some jobs came up there for the next year. I decided to apply, and if I wasn't successful then I fully intended to do my probation via the flexible route back in Scotland. I was successful at obtaining the position at the school and was pleased I could do my NQT year in one fell swoop. I fully intended to return back home to teach upon completion. I started the application process with the GTCS back in January, and was given probationary registration.

    I then applied for jobs in my LA when they came out in March. I was instantly unsuccessful for every single one. When I phoned my LA to ask if there was anything I could do/change etc I was told that with probationary registration I could only apply for temporary positions and that I was listed as having to do 270 days of teaching in Scotland before I would be given full registration. I was also told that my applications would all have been instantly dismissed without being read. I know someone who was given full registration in the same scenario as I am in currently and was able to come back and teach in Scotland in a permanent position, just the year before me. I felt very deflated at this, but I was told I could apply for supply or temporary positions. I spoke to the GTCS who told me that they would consider having a meeting once I had passed my NQT year this July, and would then discuss a possibility of full registration.

    I have applied for supply (I did this a month ago and have yet to hear back from my LA...although as the closing date is today I am not too worried about that), but there is a temporary job that has just popped up at a school near me to cover maternity leave. I know I am eligible to apply, however, what are my chances of being considered for interview having trained across the border? (albeit VERY close by) I did volunteer 3 full days a week at a local school in a TA capacity prior to my training, and have 3 children in Scottish education, but would this be considered as having at least some knowledge of the CfE? I have put my heart and soul into teaching but am feeling a tad defeated with the process of trying to come home. I could do with an honest opinion regarding applications. Is it worth applying or should I just plump for supply? Am i likely to be overlooked for full time teaching due to my English experience? Am I likely to be given full registration, or will I end up doing my probation all over again via the flexible route?

    Sorry for the huuuuuuuge essay, but hoping someone may have more insight into the whole process.

  2. BillyBobJoe

    BillyBobJoe Established commenter

    I trained in England but I was 2.5 years in when I got my GTCS registration (which was full once the references were received). It took me a while to get a job in Scotland but got there in the end. It's going to depend on competition and the attitude of the interview panel. I know when I was training D&G council were at careers events trying to entice staff across the border, though that's a few years ago now.
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  3. ellan_girl

    ellan_girl New commenter

    what happened in the end if you don’t mind me asking? Thanks
  4. vlrobinson23

    vlrobinson23 New commenter

    By July they made the decision to award me with full registration and I didn't have to do a probationary period at all. I signed up for supply and haven't stopped working since! It was a stressful wait, but it all worked out well in the end :)
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