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Advice for young female teacher please! where is best to work in s.e. asia?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by littlebluemonkey, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. south east asia... yawn ... south or central america more fun!
  2. dianehistory

    dianehistory New commenter

    Can you recommend any agencies or where I might apply? I am in Japan, but I would like to work in hong Kong. Is it better to me native speaker or do they allow English speakers from another country? Thanks.
  3. dianehistory

    dianehistory New commenter

    I completely agree with
    everything Yasimum says. She is spot on. The number of ugly men with stunning
    girls is really vile to watch. These women are so desperate for security they
    put up with ugly or fat, or uninteresting or stupid men just because they can
    look after them. Perhaps Western women feel cynical about it because they know
    women better than men, and can see desperate women holding onto Western men,
    but for me the worse ones are the ones who insist on learning the language, but
    not teaching the women English in order to keep them dependent on them, maybe
    there's not a lot of them, but there's certainly a lot of men with women who
    would not give them a second glance if the women were economically independent. Indeed, I also think they would not marry a Westerner because it would be so much easier if the men were from their own culture.</font>

  4. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    Why is it vile? I fail to see how the perceived beauty of an individual ( and it is a matter of perception ) gives you a judgement call on the dynamics of the relationship.
    Again, another judgement based on your own prejudices rather than any real knowledge of the issue.
    Ugly, fat, uninteresting and stupid. Strong words to throw around. Would you like to be described in that way?
    I don't think I have read such self-reighteous twaddle on this forum for a while.

  5. Dianehistory,
    I think everyone is entitled to their opinion and I would be grateful if you would allow me a moment to express mine.
    <ol>[*]Beauty is, and always has been in the eye of the beholder. Looking at someone on a solely physical basis is a very poor and shallow way of judging a person.[*]Any Social Anthropologist would be very quick to point out that different societies judge a persons values on different merits. In other words, what one society looks for as "of interest" or "beautiful" will vary from group to group and society to society. In order to understand these different aspects you would need to understand the dynamics of that particular group... not just make a wholesale judgement that "their" view is the same as "ours".[*]"Western" is a very broad canvas... I think it would be an incredibly hard sell to group a set of values and ideas into "Western and Eastern" and would really serioulsy compromise any argument you may infer from that.[*]I find this strange notion of "learning a language but not teaching the women English" a little bit strange to say the least. Are you refering to specific examples here? I mean to say, I have learned Spanish, but my wife only speaks Spanish and has never learned English. The thing is, that is her personal choice, some people find it easier to pick up languages than others. I would also like to add that in my experience of meeting people who speak different languages in a relationship (which has been extensive now), people tend to use the language of person who has the stronger ability in this area. I can cite many examples of both men and women who cannot speak their partners language very well, however this is not due to some kind of misguided attempt at slavery.[*]"It would be so much easier if the men were from their own culture".. again, apart from having the issue that this is a hugely broad based assumption it also really depends upon the culture, indeed the people involved. [*]Throughout your argument you seem to imply that "women"= disempowered/passive/weak and "Men" = empowered/controlling/predatory... at least that is my attempt at an obejctive reading of this... I would argue, as has been said above, this has much more to do with your own personal world view than any reality. Please look at the cultural specifics and the "flow" of the different cultures that you seek to impose these judgements upon before making such broad cultural assumptions. I think you will find if you wished to use such a rudimentary analysis of relationships that deeper meditation upon the Yin Yang symbology would be a much more accurate description of "flow" and also has the benefit of not pinning us down to inadequete descriptions.</ol>Thank you for allowing me to share my critique, I hope that this does not offend, as that was not my intention. I merely seek to put forwards the notion that the whole concept argued here is invalid because it is painted on far too broad a canvas to even begin to give an accurate anlaysis.

  6. What ever you do if you are female DO NOT go to CAIRO!
  7. One of your preferences is Cairo. Are you trying to cut out some of the opposition for a post?
  8. There are 6 or 7 good quality schools in Cairo, a few second tier and decent, and some lesser establishments, too.
    There a many single female teachers here. Yes, there is hassle and there were some repugnant incidents during the more crowded protests in Tahrir.
    But far safer for a woman here than the UK.

  9. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-19440656

    Just going on reports like the one above. Which 6/7 would you say are good quality? Could you pm me please?
  10. Read the article again. Egyptian women being hassled by ignorant, feral monkies in lower class areas. Ex-pat women know which areas to avoid.
    PM you. Why? You have no interest in Cairo.
    PM my buddy 'bibbler' - he'll fill you in.

  11. kemevez

    kemevez Occasional commenter

    Is this the nutter thread?
  12. In my useage of the word 'monkies' (sic) when comparing them to repulsive low life sorts wandering about the less well policed areas of Cairo and haunting/accosting women who are just going about their normal routines...
    Monkeys, I apologise.
  13. Feel at home?
  14. kemevez

    kemevez Occasional commenter

    No, just stumbled in. Why do you ask?
  15. Er, why do you?
  16. O...k, you alright Foney?
  17. jayjay johns

    jayjay johns New commenter

    Just revisited this thread, excellent, ugly , old expat men vs. fat bitter western women, this is the kind of quality dialogue that is alias seldom found on TES these days.
  18. A very fair point Kemvez. The thought of UK WAGs didn't cross my mind. My apologies for the oversight. Though in my defence I'm just repeating what my friends told me and not my own personal opinion.

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