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Advice for an NQT reception teacher!!!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by hanami, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. Hi there...

    I am excited but also very nervous about starting my NQT year in reception! The school is lovely and I'm sure I will get loads of support (I think I'll need it as I am KS1/2 trained and not sure about reception!). However, I am hoping that some people on here will be able to give me some advice!

    I'd like to find out more about reception over the summer holidays, so I am more clued up by September. What kind of things would people suggest reading or doing before September?

    I am also really wondering what would a typical first day or week with a reception class entail? Any advice greatly received!!

  2. ^ just incase anyone has words of wisdom??
  3. I thikn it depends on your school and how the children start, eg some schools have the kids in part time others have them in full time. The first week I usually use to do mini assessment eg can they write their own name, going to toilet without prompting, we get them to paint pictures of themselves for a 'rogues gallery' type display. I use it for letting them know what is expect school and class rules lots of games getting to know you type thing I have a booklet which we fill in where they draw their family, friends, favourite toys type thing. I would have a look at the plannig for your school and think about hte toics you will be covering. I did my NQT year in reception last year and loved it. Could you go in and spend some time with the current reception teacher getting a feel for it??? Hope that helps a little just good luck and enjoy it. Feel free to email me if you like carot35@hotmail.com I might be able to help if not im sure i can just listen to you and will prob have been through it!!
  4. Thanks so much Carot35!!

    That has given me a better idea!! I'm going to try and go in for the two weeks after I finish my course and b4 the summer hols!!

    I just feel so unsure about what to expect in those first few days but will be working with an experienced reception teacher so hopefully all will be ok!!

    I think I'll take up your offer to email for advice -I've been told I'm crazy to do my NQT in reception but I'm up for the challenge!!!
  5. Like i said i absolutely love it and am still there hoping to have reception again next year. You just have to remember to be really flexible and hands on. Important things to find out on day one is what time do the paretns pick the kids up and from where, and how much dinner money is. Also which way do they do their register eg line if in circle if absent red or black and which way. I had a fab TA so she helped me. You have the advantage over me as I was the only reception teacehr so sdidnt have very much help that way!
  6. You are in the position that i was in last year... Don't worry it will be fine.
    I have recently completed a course for NQT's new to Foundation Stage teaching and would be happy to send some of the info i received from it. I can talk in more detail later ( i'm up to my eyes in it at the moment) but will give you my e-mail address and welcome correspondance. garry.cook6@btinternet.com
    Maybe we can talk over the Summer, as i have researched a lot this year and save you some grief!! i hope!!
  7. Thank you so much for all the advice so far...

    I think you'll be getting emails from me soon!! I know this time of year is crazy with reports, summer productions etc....
  8. Hi,

    I have also found out that I am to be a reception teacher for my NQT year and I am absolutey terrified. The thought of 30 little faces staring up at me on day one waiting for me to tell them what to do is worrying me a little to say the least, I have absolutely no idea where to start or what to do with my class. I am planning on doing some research on teachng reception over the summer but I still don't think that will prepare me for the reality of actually doing it!!!

    Any tips or advice on what on earth I should do in the first couple of weeks would be very much appreciated!

  9. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Learn lots of songs and rhymes.
  10. I did my NQT year in Reception, and had a baptism of fire as that class were the worst I have ever had in my teaching career of 6 years, (although this year's lot have run em close!), but I loved it.
    Reception is great. Are you doing a new parent's meeting? This is vital as its the first time the parents meet you and can discuss any concerns/questions they have. We also have our new reception children for half an hour in the morning or afternoon shortly before we break up this year.

    I will also offer my email, and will readily help any way I can.... EmmaMur01@googlemail.com
  11. Thanks so much for all the advice and emails!! I'm adding them all so that I can pick your brains!!

    Yes - I'll be meeting the children and parents in a just over a week - I'm a little worried but mostly excited about it all!!

    Just hope that I can do it!!
  12. I've got a Reception job for my NQT year too (I am very excited although a tad scared about parents evening tomorrow night!)
    I'm happy to email and share any ideas I have
  13. Thank you all soooo much... I'm popping your emails into my address book and when I finish my PGCE, at the end of this week, I'll email for advice!!!

    Actually went into my new school the other night for a meet the parents (must say a lot of the information was new to me! I had to bluff alot!!) ... really nervous but really excited as it is all so real now!!

  14. Hi I am doing my NQT in reception too - part time though. Feel free to email me if you want - stressing together is better than stressing alone!!lol

  15. I'm starting my NQT year in Reception this year as well!!

    My email is: bec_140@hotmail.com

    I'd be happy to chat and share ideas with someone who will be in the same position!!
  16. ^... just so the thread is easy to find and I can put all your emails into my account!!

  17. Hello

    im also an NQT who has just accepted a job in a reception class in a lovely school, never having taught reception before i am equally nervous and anxious about this (and also very excited!!)

    i hope all the teachers who have given out email addresses dont mind if i also email for advice?

    planning for reception is very daunting, thinking about how i would arrange my classroom even! any advice on that would be greatly appreciated, what areas should there be? what has worked well for others?

    thank you in advance!

    and good luck with your reception class Hanami!

    C x

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