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advice for an easily confused person on maternity please

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by munners, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. Ok. So - I need this explained to me in the most simple terms please. I am losing my mind with all the different information I have read over the last hour.
    I have worked full time for one LEA for 10 years but start a new job in September in a different LEA. I had to move due to husband's job.
    Basically - when is the earliest I can get pregnant and receive full entitlements etc..? one simple date will suffice - I get boggled with all the 26 weeks before edd stuff....
    I know it sounds a little underhand - but I have worked non stop for 10 years and my ovaries will dry up soon!
    Many thanks - I hope you are enjoying your half terms and the lovely British weather!!! You wait - next week it will be sunny
  2. I'm under the impression that even if you change LEA, as long as there's no gap between jobs (eg, this job will officially end 31 August and new post will officially start 1 September) then it's classed as continuous service. Like you, I changed LEA and thought I'd wait a year (we had only just got married), but we decided to ttc 9 months later. However, it's taken 25 months for me to finally get a BFP. If you're ready, go for it, you never know how long it'll take.
  3. chocolateheaven

    chocolateheaven New commenter

    Basically, you have to be employed for 1 day before getting pregnant. Experience with a different LA still counts as continuous service. The ruling is set that you can get full entitlement if you don't start your job pregnant, but you could fall on your first day there and you'd be covered.x
  4. Just watch out for academies etc......

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