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Advice for a returner please!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by MegsMog, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. MegsMog

    MegsMog New commenter

    Hello EY people,

    After a long break and having children, I am hoping to return to Early Years.

    I am a qualified teacher though having been out of the classroom for many years, I have offered to volunteer in a Reception class to update my knowledge of current practice.

    Are there any particular changes to the Curriculum or things that I should focus on/ask questions about during my time in school? I'm hoping to get the most from observing, so please advise if you can!

    Thank you.
  2. Looseseal

    Looseseal New commenter

    How exciting! I'm the opposite of you right now- recently left teaching to have children but I do plan to go back in a couple of years.

    I'm not sure how different it was last time you taught (I've only taught for 6 years) so I would focus on how the day pans out and how the classroom is set up.

    Eg- how much time are the children all together on the carpet, how much free time/child initiated time do they have and how is it managed, how many group/individual/whole class activities the teacher does, how much time is spent on phonics, maths etc and how are they taught? How is the classroom set up and what kind of outdoors activities are there? How do the TAs work with the teacher and children?

    Of course it all varies a lot from school to school but those are the kind of things I like to look for whenever I get the chance to visit another classroom. Also you could find out what assessment methods the teacher is using, how does she record it all in the learning journal? You could ask her about baseline and end of year assessments too as that might have all changed.
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  3. MegsMog

    MegsMog New commenter

    Wow, thanks Looseseal!

    You've given me lots of ideas there, some of which I hadn't thought about. It is easy to overlook some essential things, as there is so much going on. Think I may write an essay in my book now. ☺

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