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advice for a reception lesson please...

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by rebeccadavies9, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. Hi there!

    Just looking for suggestions / advice / feedback on a lesson idea I have for next week. It is for an observation lesson. I moved to reception this year with no prior experience and looking for some advice on good practice in EYFS!

    I was told on Friday that I will be observed by Head and deputy teaching thematic curriculum one afternoon next week. Thematic is something we do anyway in EYFS. But I was wondering if anyone could give feedback on some ideas I have for this lesson. All I have been told is thematic curriculum (so any subject really?) and they will be looking at continuous provision as well.

    As my theme is 'Transport' with a focus on travelling by land, I thought I could do a KUW lesson. I would introduce road signs through a short story called 'Toot toot beep beep' which has child like painted pictures of roads, traffic and road signs (speed bumps etc) I would then use photo's of signs found in our local area and talk about signs we see on the roads in our area, identify them, what they are used for and touch on which shapes have been used for the signs as we did some shape work last week.

    As a focus activity I thought either: make a mini road sign with paper shapes, lolly sticks and play dough to anchor them so the children can draw their own road sign explaining what it means.

    or.... using a road map we made prior to the observation lesson (used rollers to make road tracks and junk model some buildings) I could give the chn some small world road signs I have and ask them to place them on the road map we made earlier and support play using traffic lights, stop signs etc.

    or both? I have 1 TA for this lesson as well.

    any ideas on how to spruce up this lesson? and suggestions?

    Thank you for any ideas :)
  2. sorry I don't know how to put spaces on here :-/
  3. anyone? :-/
  4. I love your ideas. All you really need is to pick one to be focusing on with children, while resourcing the others for children to access independently.
    I think making road signs could easily be independent, unless you would like to explore using symbols to mean something as road signs do, and want children to really think about what they want their signs to mean.
    You could also have children making signs either real or ones they've made up to laminate and use outdoors.
  5. thank you for your post, gives me a bit of confidence! I'm always nervous about observations but always seem to do quite well but still worry as EYFS is a huge change and I want to get it right!

    Decided to stick with story to introduce road signs, then use IWB with real photo's of road signs, but give a context of a new bus driver taking chn to schools around the area. he'll be learning the signs like us. Then I say some clues for example: Bob needs to know which sign shows a roundabout is coming up. and chn to find which road sign shows this, talk about how they know this is the correct sign, focus on the symbols/image and touch on shape of signs.

    I put making signs as a focus so higher could draw and make their own and discuss which symbol we need to check their understanding from the carpet session. and for the lower, to select a photo road sign, talk about what it means and then colour the corresponding sign. and both groups making them into mini signs with the lollipop sticks.

    please could I ask what you would do for a focus instead of this?

    Like the idea of outdoor signs, will stock up my outdoor mark making kit with larger signs for chn to make them outdoor as well.

    Thanks again for the ideas :)
  6. If I was doing this lesson, I would set my classroom up to reflect the transport theme. For example cars with felt tips sellotaped on on the writing table, etc. Your continuous provision could still be there just with transport type ideas for children to build on.
    When I observe lessons I always check the lesson plans for references to all 6 areas of learning through the continuous provision. So your adult focus and input is KUW, but how are you addressing PSRN, for example?
    Make sure as well that you are using assessment trackers for your adult focus whilst the children are accessing free-flow play.
    Good luck with the observation. Your ideas sound great.

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