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advice for a physicist

Discussion in 'Science' started by miss_happy01, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I've posted this on the careers forum too but wanted to ask on here also.

    I'm a physicist currently working in NW England but am being made redundant later this year. I'm on M4 on the payscale at the moment and i'm worried than when going for jobs i'll be seen as being too expensive if up against an NQT. I'm not tied to the NW and I am looking at jobs across the country. But i'm aware that the jobs market is very tough at the moment and that there isn't as much as a shortage of teachers as there used to be. What do you think my chances of being able to get a job are?

    Miss Happy
  2. On M4 you aren't that expensive so you shouldn't have too much trouble depending on how picky you are and what your qualifications are. If you have good qualifications and can quote some good results from the last few years then you should be able to find a post relatively easily. There are quite a few physics posts in the NW currently from what I can see on TES.

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