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Advice for a failing NQT

Discussion in 'Primary' started by katepink, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. katepink

    katepink New commenter

    Hi, Has your headteacher told you that you are in danger of failing your NQT year? Have they put in support measures to help you to improve to ensure that you do not fail? When I did training on mentoring NQTs (several years ago now) we were told in no uncertain terms that if we thought an NQT might fail we should provide lots of evidence of both the shortcomings and the suppport we had put in to rectify this. Also have to notify the LA so that they can help with support. 3 observations for an NQT in 3 half terms does not sound like enough to me. Have other members of staff been observing you? If they did, what did they feedback? If they havent ask for them to. Has your mentor looked at the Professional Standards with you? If they have you should both have a good idea of your strengths and areas for development. If your only area for development stems from your observations by HT I think there is hope.

    You need to: talk to your mentor, ask for support from you school, ask for LA support - they must have someone who looks after NQTs. You could also talk to your union for their help. If you dont have a union please join one this week - it is essential cover for all teachers.

    I hope this is of some help.
  2. Your situation sounds really similar to mine this time last year. My dad died and my mum was ill and I was finding all the pressure really hard!

    I passed my first term but then in the second term I had a headteacher obs which was unsatisfactory and a support programme was then put in place. At the end of the second term we had a review meeting where I was told they were concerned I may not meet all the standards by the end of the year and could fail.

    It was at this point I decided to leave and I asked to be released early from my contract (you still have time to resign by half term for easter!). It was the hardest decision I ever had to make but I couldn't risk staying at that school and failing, especially as I had little confidence left in myself at that point. As soon as I walked out the door on the last day and knew I didn't have to go back there I felt relieved!

    Like you I needed a regular wage, but I wasn't going to risk four years hard work at uni (with good obs), so I did some supply work for 6 months which really built up my confidence and reminded me why I wanted to teach in the first place! During this time I was also looking for jobs- this time though I was fussy! I wanted a two-form entry school where I would get support with planning and resources etc!

    So I have just started a maternity cover at a school which will enable me to finish my third term. Obviously your head may mention in your reference about what is happening but as long as you can reflect and explain you should be ok! Incidentally it didn't come up in my reference and it has been me who has had to share with people what happened before- but everyone has been really supportive and made me feel like I can do this!

    I hope this post helps you realise that leaving isn't the worst thing to do (even though it feels like it at the time!). If I had stayed I probably would have failed because that's what they expected of me! If you want to ask any questions feel free to PM me! Good luck!
  3. cazzielou

    cazzielou New commenter

    thanks everyone its good to know i'm not the only one who is going or who has been through this! I have been talking to various family and friends over the weekend and have realised that all that matters is that i am happy where I am and at the moment I am not.

    I have also just read my feedback form from the lesson observation on Friday and have realised what a negative demoralising piece of paper it is. I am actually appalled that my headteacher has written some of the things that she has and that she has actually had nothing positive to write giving me an unsatisfactory in every area despite acknowledging verbally that I had done well in some areas. She has some distorted view that everything must be perfect in every area to have any hope of getting even a satisfactory and I know for certain that the lesson that I taught was not as bad as that sheet suggests.

    It has actually totally made my mind up that I am resigning when I go back this week, obviously after talking to my mentor about my position etc. I have never met such a demoralising headteacher and am definately going to take my time over finding a new school and making sure I am not going to come across someone as bad as her again. We can only hope!
  4. Don't give up. I quit my first school (the head said I could go with days notice she disliked me so much!). I then finished the NQT year in a great school who judged all my observations to be very good./ outstanding! I have now trained many teachers myself, I have a lot of responsibility, both in my school and others and I've been to many regional events to share my good practice. The main think is to refuse to let your confidence be destroyed. Luckily for me my new school helped me regain my confidence. It's unlikely you've gone from being a good student to a poor teacher, I'm afriad sometimes your face just doesn't fit. Give your new job everything you can and keep your dignity, leave quitely and confidently. You get some respect that way. I didn't winge or *** and I'm glad I didn't now- you'll met old colleagues again one day!
  5. elderbreath

    elderbreath New commenter

    Dont give up on this - I was in a very similar situation in a rubbish school with a rubbish mentor. If you feel you wont pass NQT in your school asked to be released early. Join a local supply agency and get some experience there. Quite often you might find a job in a good school through that. Thats what I did and thats what happened to me. I went on to pass NQT wondering why there was such a problem in my first school!!
    Good luck

  6. I am in a very similar situations. At the end of term 2 my head said she though I wasn't meeting standards and an action plan was put in place for me. At the end of term 4 I though had made loads of progress and all my lesson observations have been satisfactory. The head is saying that I'm still failing though, with pretty much no evidence.
    I would really strongly advise you to contact your union - mine have been very helpful. They've sat in on meetings with me and my head, and they're also going to advise me on how to pull out if I need to.
    Just try to focus in on your children and the experience of teaching in class, try to ignore all the staffroom politics. It's easier said than done though when it's our career on the line.
    Good luck!
  7. flickaz

    flickaz New commenter

    I was in a similar situation. Started at my first school in September after getting 'satisfactory' and 'good' gradings throughout my PGCE. Had several observations, off my mentor, the head, the LEA NQT advisor, you name it...they saw me and slated my teaching. Unsatisfactory all the way. I hated that school, it made me ill. Left that school in February with just a term of my year completed. Thanks to my union I had a managed move to another school for 5 weeks to work out my notice. Head teacher there couldn't understand why I was failing and gave me a glowing reference to take on. Did supply for 2 terms while I looked for a school to complete my year in. Started in January teaching year 6. Successfully completed my NQT year in July. My current head has told me she wants me to go for leadership team in a couple of years. Complete turnaround. Get out of your school, they're pulling you down. Find somewhere you'll be happy and you'll be a completely different teacher.
  8. upsadaisy

    upsadaisy New commenter

    I completely agree with post 3. If your school has not done these things they are totally in the wrong. You need to get in touch with your LEA NQT advisor. They will definetly support you.

  9. rach1968

    rach1968 New commenter

    I fear your advice may be a little late..........................
  10. I just want to echo what everyone else has said. Get out of your school before it's too late. If you officially fail your NQT year then you're extremely limited in how and what you teach. If you get out and regroup, you've got every chance to pass and go on and succeed like the other posters.
    My own experience is that I taught for two years, then did supply for two years and generally did very well. Never failed an observation, and usually got praised by other staff. This year I started at a school where the head can't seem to say anything nice about me - I've failed two observations (and not been given support in reply) and the head has made it very clear that I should go. I really think that my face doesn't fit there- and tbh - I don't know why they employed me in the first place (over 70 odd other people) if they then decided I wasn't the right person.
    Some schools are just not nice places to work, and some SMT are not supportive people.
  11. rach1968

    rach1968 New commenter

    erm.........checkout the date of the original poster! She/he has either passed or failed his/her NQT year now - so the advice is a bit late.
  12. I fear that your advice is being ignored but one wonders what other posters were searching for to come across this one. [​IMG]
  13. I have found myself in a position where I am about to fail my nqt year. Placement went really well and I can't understand how I'm in this state. I really don't want to give in and leave my school but the fear of failing in july is bigger. The comments on here have really given me hope - although i must say I feel the world is collapsing around me. Sounds dramatic but when you think you're gonna do well and it all goes so badly wrong you get a bit dramatic.....
    Thank you to all those people who put such good and positive advice on here.
  14. did u pass ur NQT year i am in my 2nd term and my head is a nitemare she failed my first two observations then i have been getting observed by other staff members and been getting satisfactory and good..... not once has she said well done but always has something else to criticise me over
    can i fail my NQT year if i am getting satisfactory observations
  15. Hi,
    sorry to hear about your situation, my advice would definitely be to talk to your union as they can give you the best advice.
    I left my school last June and yesterday I got a job in a really nice school! My advice would be to keep perserving and, I know this sounds silly, try not to let it get you down too much. You know you're a good teacher so hang on in there.
  16. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Yes as you need to meet all of the standards, not just those relating to actual lessons.
  17. Am in the same position except i am in my third term with about 10 weeks before we break up and i was told 3 weeks ago I am failing. its hard to think that i just need to leave its all happening so quick but its my career. im also thinking of how hard it will be to find a job as a failing teacher.. idon't know what to do. I want to know whether there is a possibility that i could get a job. im actually still in a shock and i am ill becuase of this. I was outstanding now im failing i never thought it could happen.

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