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Advice do I apply for what people will see as a 'step down'?

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by Honey121, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Honey121

    Honey121 New commenter

    Hi I just would value some advice. I am currently a deputy manager in FE in a busy curriculum area but I am really unhappy. Around 10 years ago I started my career after having my children as a TA in a Secondary school teaching Literacy and working within behavioural support, this was a happy time for me. Since then I have completed my Post Compulsory Teaching and have taught-been there for over 6 years, I moved into management alongside teaching three years ago.
    I am really unhappy, I don't feel I have any colleagues to even go for a cuppa with, I don't want to go to work-I'm crying lots! and I'm finding it all really too much. There is a job going for a higher level TA at a local secondary school and I want to apply, the reality is that its a lot less money and people will see that I am taking a step down. I amy not even get the job if I apply!!

    What do you think? I would love to hear some different thoughts x

  2. Honey121

    Honey121 New commenter

    When I was a TA before I felt happy and I really enjoy the Behavioural support part, being a TA is hard work but also rewarding! has anyone got any expereince of being a higher level 3 TA??

    Thank you
  3. <u></u>
    i would say if you are happy with the money and like the sound of the job then go for it.
  4. Honey121

    Honey121 New commenter

    Thanks, I have handed in the application form, see what happens. The job sounds exciting and interesting. I have taken so long to build my career and I know people will see me if I was successful and got the job and think 'what is she doing'. I really respect TA's and looking back I made more of a difference then. Fingers crossed. Is anyone a Level three TA in a secondary school?

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